A smartphone for everyone

From Apple to Samsung, LG to Nokia, Sony to BlackBerry, almost every manufacturer is coming out with a new device. There is a lot to choose from if you’re looking for a new smartphone for yourself or a family member (the holidays are just around the corner!). To help make your decision bit easier, here’s what you need to know about this fall’s device line-up…

Camera is a big focus

Have you ditched your digital point-and-shoot camera for your smartphone camera? If you haven’t already, the new devices coming out might make you think again.

Nokia has made a claim on the bestNok_Lum102 camera available on a smartphone. Their 41MP PureView camera on the Lumia 1020 is a beast from a pure megapixel perspective and its supporting software provides the tools to make a photo pro out of you.  Nokia has also released a string of forthcoming commercials to get customers’ attention. Check out one of their commercials here and let us know what you think of Nokia’s unapologetic, offense-minded ad strategy.1020








While Apple’s iPhone 5s may not have the big megapixel numbers as some others, their camera and video experience has been receiving very positive reviews from users. By increasing the pixel size, brightening the lens and including a colour changing flash, the iPhone 5s camera takes some of the best smartphone photos. Read how an Australian photographer was won over by the iPhone 5s camera.

Lastly, we have the Sony Xperia Z1 coming later this month. The Z1 includes a 20.7MP camera that uses Sony’s BIONZ™ mobile engine you find in their digital cameras. And unique to the Xperia Z1, you can take pictures rain or shine, since it’s a fully waterproof smartphone. Watch this video to find out more.

Wear your tech

We’ve already seen health bands and Google Glass, but ‘wearable technology’ is an expanding product category that is poised to become even more popular very soon. This means your smartphone becomes the centralizing hub for all this technology. Since the future is friendly at TELUS, we’re excited to offer Samsung GALAXY Gear, a smart watch that connects to the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 (more GALAXY devices coming soon) and we will soon launch FitBit, a health wristband that helps you stay active. Visit our website to learn more about these wearable products and stay up to date on new products we have coming soon.LG_G2

Truly mobile: battery life

A big complaint about smartphones last year was that while they had a bunch of great features and technology, they spent too much time anchored to the electrical outlet. This is changing with this fall’s newest devices, most notably the LG G2 and Note 3.


The Samsung Note 3 packs in a massive 3200mAh battery and the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset minimize power consumption from the quad-core processor and huge 5.7” Super AMOLED screen.

Sam_Glxy_Note3Similar to the Note 3, the LG G2 has a 3000mAH battery and the same Snapdragon chipset. The LG screen uses IPS+ technology that provides a stunning Full HD performance – one of the best in the game – while reducing battery drain, so going a full day at full speed on one charge is a reality.

Combine your device with a great plan

The TELUS SharePlus plan includes great value for customers with unlimited nationwide talk and text so you can talk to family and friends all over the country without worrying about overages or long distance charges, but where this plan really shines is by data sharing. With TELUS SharePlus, you also have the ability to share data across multiple devices and people in the same household. Best of all, additional smartphones and tablets can be added without having to add additional data – they just share data from the same bucket.  So the more devices you add, the bigger the savings.