Avoiding the slip: 10 tips to keep moving and stay motivated

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As February comes to a close, have you noticed your resolution slipping out of reach? You’re not the only one. Thousands of Canadians set resolutions focusing on better health every January, but most resolutions fizzle out. Only 64 per cent of people continue their New Year’s workouts into February, according to a survey by the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Maintaining your fitness motivation can be harder than starting it in the first place. We all have a hard time self-motivating especially when it feels like winter will never end. Using wearable tech can give you that extra boost to keep you moving because they monitor your progress throughout the day from everyday activities to extreme workouts. They allow you to review your stats and see how active you’ve been throughout the day and provide you with the added incentive to get – and stay – active.

If you’re not sure what wearable you should be using, visit a TELUS Health Tech Trainer. We provide free, personalized, one-on-one sessions to help you decide which mobile health accessory and apps are best to help you reach your fitness goals.

Looking for ways to spark motivation now? Alexis Talledes, Fitness Coordinator at TELUS House Toronto and I have some tips to help you avoid the slip and keep you moving and motivated throughout the year.



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