Canada’s Next Top Fire Log – Who Will You Root For?

An annual tradition at TELUS is to host the most ambitious trees from across Canada and select one winner to be chosen as Canada’s Next Top Fire Log. This year, our top three candidates have come out of the woodwork to pine for your support.

Note: Vote below and TELUS will donate $1 to Tree Canada (max. $20,000)

Now that you’ve seen all the teams in action, let’s hear what our top three candidates think of the competition thus far.

You must be pretty proud of yourselves for making it this far. What do you think has made you stand out in this year’s contest?

Cedar: Consistency. We’ve been planting the seeds for success since day one. I’m sure our competition wish they saw this coming. We’ve really had them stumped round after round.

Maple: I’m going out on a limb here but I’m sure our fans are getting tired of Cedar’s taunts. After all, we know that his bark is much worse than his bite.

Oak: We’ve really gone above and beyond this year, branching out from our normal strategy. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to win! We’re ready to kick some trunk!

What’s keeping you motivated?

Cedar: My whole forest has been rooting for me. It’s really kept me motivated and grounded. I just think of all my loved ones back home when I’m feeling bushed.

Maple: Our fans really have been amazing. When things don’t work out, they give me the hearth to go on.

Oak: All of my buds at home are hoping I make them proud. Giving up is knot an option!

What message would you like to share with your fans and all of Canada?

Cedar: I wooden ask for Canada’s support if I didn’t think I could be everything they were looking fir. Canada, If I win, I willow you everything.

Maple: We’ve put our sap, bark and leaves into this contest for everyone in Canada. Don’t forget whose leaf you’re rocking Canada. Maple is as Canadian as it gets.

Oak: Oak is ready to light it up! We’re really giving it our all to leaf the competition in our sawdust.

Well there you have it! This year’s competition for Canada’s next top Fire log really has begun to warm up. Who will root for?

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