Celebrating The Neighbourhood’s One Year Anniversary

I’m always looking for a reason to celebrate the successes of our team and our customers and now is no exception – this week the TELUS Neighbourhood turned 1! #BOOYAH

monkey party1a

A little over a year ago our team started having discussions about building an online community – one that would inspire fun, friendly and collaborative conversations. With the help of several teams, on June 10 2013, our ideas became a reality in the form of the Neighbourhood – your first destination to get help, share ideas and connect with other members about TELUS services.

In just one year, more than 13,000 extraordinary users have logged in more than half a million times and created a whopping 10,000 posts in the Neighbourhood.

You’ve inspired us to take our game up a notch! We recently introduced Ideas, a new section of the Neighbourhood that allows us to act on your great ideas. To date, more than 40 ideas have been submitted by you that are being voted on by the community and if you believe they should be implemented, we’ll see if they’re feasible and try and bring them to life. If you see an idea that you like, please support it by hitting the kudos button.

But wait, there’s more…

We’ve received some amazing feedback from our users about the design, layout and possible nice-to-haves of the Neighbourhood, and you’re right! We’re going to put your feedback into action and completely redesign the site from the ground up. If you have ideas or suggestions, please submit them on our Ideas page or in the comments below.

Thank You

Every time I read the new posts on the Neighbourhood I’m absolutely blown away by how helpful and friendly our users are. Your contributions have helped build a truly unique online community – thank you!

There are two users that I’d like to give a special shout-out to – NFtoBC and XL. With more than 600 and 700 posts respectively, they are invaluable members of the Neighbourhood. I encourage you to look them up the next time you visit the Neighbourhood.