Celebrating the success and dedication of Quebec’s entrepreneurs with Génération INC.

TELUS Québec owes its existence to the vision of entrepreneurs from Rimouski 85 years ago. It was Jules-A.-Brillant’s desire to innovate and make a difference that compelled him to start Québec Tel. The corporate culture he instilled continues to be reflected today by our 5,500 Quebec team members. Generation_INC

With this same passion we strive to promote and support the development of Quebec entrepreneurs today. This initiative is central to our philosophy to “Give where we live.”

I don’t need to remind you of the importance of small or medium-sized businesses to our economy. They are an essential element in the success of companies like TELUS. Some are our clients, of course, but they are first and foremost business partners and a major source of innovation for our enterprise.

When the largest link in our economy fares poorly, the effects are felt throughout the chain, right down to customers. And when customers curb their spending, all businesses suffer. This leads to a vicious circle of underperformance and a reduction in economic activity.

And the current situation is less than healthy: According to a recent report published by the BDC, entrepreneurship has been declining across Canada since 2005. Moreover, intentions to start a new business are lower in Quebec than any other province: 8% versus 11.8% in the rest of the country. It is also home to the lowest proportion of business owners.

Given the observation regarding the slowdown in business startups, and taking into account the importance of SMEs to our company, some of our team members decided to promote the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs. Whereas the 1980s gave rise to Québec Inc., we found ourselves unable to identify the key economic players of tomorrow. Our team wanted to take concrete measures and make a real difference.

That’s how the Génération INC. movement came to be.

Génération INC. is first and foremost a television program devoted to the development of local businesses. Each week, a company is visited by experts who find solutions to its business challenges, so as to unlock its full potential. The Génération INC. movement is also taking root on a variety of platforms: a website, regional conferences, partnerships with Quebec’s business community, and a strong social media presence.

The movement is fast becoming a go-to source for entrepreneurs. Thousands of SMEs across Quebec have benefited from Génération INC.’s advice and actions: 1,200 businesses have participated in free training activities, thousands of small business owners have visited the website, and the television episodes have been viewed more than 8 million times. Thirty-six inspiring businesses, selected from 1,000 applicants, took part in the first three seasons of the program.

We are currently in the midst of a recruitment campaign to find the most innovative and inspiring companies in Quebec, and we are appealing to all members of the business community. Companies interested in getting involved in Génération INC. can register here.

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