Connecting Rural Canadians: Bridging the distance in Northern Alberta

Sugar_Maple_LeafOver the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing stories about how Canadians use TELUS’ technology innovations to stay connected to their family, friends and colleagues, no matter where their jobs or personal lives take them.

In the first video of our series, Connecting Rural Canadians, we met Erynn, a young bride who left the comforts of home behind for a new life in Prince George, British Columbia. In our second video, we learned about Erynn’s husband Mark, who depends on our national wireless network to keep him connected, safe and productive while working near Fort St. John. In our third customer profile, we followed Bob, one of Canada’s most prolific urban bloggers, who likes to untether from the office and write from his favourite rural locations.

Today, for our fourth video, we head over the Rockies to my home province of Alberta, where TELUS has a rich and longstanding history of driving economic growth, community development and social prosperity. Alberta is home to 14,000 TELUS team members and retirees, and we are proud to be part of a company that has invested more than $28 billion since 2000 to bring our advanced wireless and wireline networks to both urban and rural communities across the province. In 2013 alone, we are investing $700 million and creating several hundred new jobs throughout Alberta, and next year, we’ll break ground on TELUS Sky, our new, LEED Platinum office and residential tower that will provide even more job opportunities.

Like many Albertans, Peter Stone enjoys a rewarding career in the oil and gas sector. His work takes him 600 kilometres away from home, but see how Peter is able to bridge time and distance and connect each day with his loved ones, with the help of our reliable, high-speed network and leading-edge devices.

Check back next week for our final video on Connecting Rural Canadians, where we continue our journey north and meet an amateur photography who leverages the power of technology to showcase the rugged beauty of Northwest Territories.