Connecting Rural Canadians: Enabling Canadians to exchange the office for the wilderness

Maple leafAt TELUS, we encourage our team to take advantage of the power, reach and reliability of our world-leading technology and services to work outside of the office at least part of the week. On any given day, more than 47 per cent of our team members are working on a mobile basis, either at home or on the move. They appreciate having the flexibility to work where they are most effective and as TELUS’ Chief Sustainability Officer, I love the fact that we are reducing our environmental footprint by having fewer employees commuting to our offices.

Our customers are also taking advantage of the incredible freedom that our advanced mobile solutions and wireless networks provide. More and more, they are getting out of the office and taking their work with them. This trend is supported by IDC Canada’s Canadian Mobile Worker 2012–2016 Forecast, which found that Canada’s mobile worker population is set to increase by more than one million – from 12.1 million in 2012 to 13.3 million in 2016, or 73 per cent of the work force. With almost three quarters of all employed Canadians becoming untethered from the office, it’s a good thing our team has spent the last 13 years building one of the world’s fastest and most reliable networks, one that reaches 99 per cent of our country’s population.

In the third video of our series, Connecting Rural Canadians, we flip things around by visiting an urban entrepreneur who likes to leave the distractions of his big city behind and head for the hills (and other remote locations) where he does his best work. If you like this story, check out my recent blog entries to see some other great examples of how rural Canada stays connected.