Customer Loyalty: It Takes Two

Working Meerkats Huggingin the service industry as a REALTOR®, I know a little something about how important customer relationships are, but sometimes it seems as though customer loyalty has become a precious commodity.

I have been “in a relationship”’ with TELUS for 20+ years and am often faced with a quizzical look and a forceful: “why have you not taken advantage of switching service providers for a better offer?”

I have a simple response: I chose to make TELUS a partner, not just a service provider, from day one. At the time, TELUS represented a forward-thinking, innovative company that I needed to be successful in my job, and as a business owner. They still do. Picking up the phone to connect with TELUS is not a service call to me. It is a team meeting – a brainstorming session where I can bring my needs and ideas to the table and collaborate on solutions that help me connect with loved ones and clients to get the job done.

Similarly, my loyalty to giving back to the Guelph community is strengthened by joining forces with amazing people who bring different ideas forward. For example, the Junior Achievement Guelph-Wellington group, collaborated with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce and Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre to unite the business community, educators and youth to help students prepare to step into the adult world.

TELUS has been in the mix all along, ensuring that I stayed connected across the many roles I have held over the years, both professional and personal.

I credit the success of my relationship with TELUS to applying the age-old approach: “it takes two.” My story is proof that loyalty deepens from the existence of a strong, rewarding relationship. And, that loyalty develops by investing time and effort into a relationship with those that support our success. It takes two to make that happen.

And what is a strong, rewarding relationship without a few surprises!  TELUS certainly proved that when they swept me away for the day for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They left me breathless and speechless. You can check out what they did here.

What TELUS didn’t expect was that this amazing gesture also gifted me with a level of personal growth, renewed commitment to collaborate within my community and elevate my role in demonstrating to my children the importance of giving back, building loyalty, supporting one’s passions and the community.