Five things to do with your old smartphone

Dreaming about that new phone smell or imagining what an improved smartphone camera could do for your Instagram feed? Can’t stop thinking about more storage, a longer-lasting battery or enhanced screen resolution? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be in the market for a new smartphone. But, have you considered what to do with your old phone once you get your hands on a new one?

Don’t be so quick to send your device to the landfill! Here are five ways to put your old phones and tablets to good use.   15_00499-EN01_02Is there a child or younger sibling in your family who is ready for their first smartphone? Consider giving them your old device when you get something new. It might just be perfect for them!

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Consider using your old device strictly for at-home Wi-Fi apps. Use it as your go-to jukebox when cooking in the kitchen with apps like Rdio, 8tracks and Spotify. Better yet, get multitasking and download your favourite cooking and recipe apps like Epicurious. New parent? Consider baby monitor apps like Dormi or Cloud Baby.  Leave your old device in your baby’s room and watch the live video feed on your new device. Perfect!

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Did you know even without an active account or SIM card that your old device can still call 911. Charge up your old device, keep it somewhere safe in your backpack or glove box and know you have a backup in case of emergencies.

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Put your phone to good use by making a simple donation to a local community organization. Local shelters or support groups are often looking for used devices to share with their clients. Check online for a location near you and see if they could use your device.

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No matter which carrier you are with, you can bring any mobile phone, battery or accessory to TELUS for our Return & Recycle Program. Plus, through our ongoing relationship with Tree Canada, when you recycle a device with TELUS we plant a tree! You can easily find the nearest participating TELUS trade-in location online.


Bonus tip: Before you hand off your old device to someone else, make sure you clear your data.

Still trying to figure out your new device? Sign up for a TELUS Learning Centre session and have a specialist help you do a clean sweep of your old device before you give it away.

Last, but not least, enjoy your new smartphone! You deserve it!