Five things you didn’t know your fitness tech could do

How’s your healthy New Year’s resolution going? Are you sticking to it? Did you know that only 64 per cent of people continue their resolution workouts into February? Even with the best intentions, it can sometimes be hard to stay motivated, but fitness gear and wearables have the ability to help us stay on track while we work toward achieving our healthy lifestyle goals. In fact, more than half of wearable tech owners use their devices to stay motivated to exercise and stay healthy while three-quarters of current fitness app users reported being more active.

Knowing that our tech and fitness gear can be great motivational tools, why not maximize their use?! Do you know everything your tech gear can do? Our Learning Centre Experts can teach you everything you need to know (plus a few extra tricks) and help you make the most of your tech – and achieve your 2016 healthy resolutions!

We asked Toronto Learning Centre Expert Eric Torjusen to share five things you might not know your health and fitness tech can do.16_00049-body_01

If you’ve been using a Fitbit for a couple months or longer, you’re probably wondering how many steps you’ve racked up.  One of my favourite features that always surprises existing Fitbit users is the ability to see lifetime data. Kind of like checking your car’s mileage, you can see your own cumulative historical data by logging into stepstats.com!  16_00049-body_02

It’s nice to wake up or fall asleep gradually and peacefully. The Withings Aura Smart Sleep System knows exactly what to do, emitting a hue of light to help you ease out of or into slumber. The system can also pair up with Spotify, allowing you to choose a playlist to help you wake up or drift off to sleep.16_00049-body_03

Did you know the Moto 360 2nd Gen has 4GB of storage available right on the watch? It’s perfect for your workout tunes! Simply pair a Bluetooth-enabled headset, sync your music to your watch and you’re good to go! No need to worry about carrying around your phone between sets or on that training run.16_00049-body_04

These Jaybird X-2 earphones go above and beyond with their patented ear tips providing comfort and a secure fit for the most intense workouts while providing the best sound. Speaking of sweat, these earphones are sweat-proof meaning you can work out as hard as possible!16_00049-body_05

If you love a good hike, a couple of uncommon features that might spark your interest include the blood oxygen level monitor and altimeter to measure your elevation. With the Withings Pulse Ox Activity Tracker you’ll get a better sense of how you’re adapting to your altitudes; great for athletes, marathoners or those with asthma.

Have you ever picked up a new device and after a couple of days, or even a week or two, felt like a total pro? What little-known facts about your favourite device do you have to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!