Five Ways to Prepare for the Labour Day Long Weekend

The first Monday of September signifies the end of summer for many Canadians. With fall weather approaching, Labour Day long weekend gives us one last opportunity to road trip to fun and sun. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare you for that final summer adventure.15_00593_02

Plan ahead. Because it’s a long weekend, you’ll want to leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. One great tool to plan your route and manage your travel time is Google Maps. Did you know that you can see areas of traffic congestion on the app? Simply have your passenger type “traffic” in the search box and voila, you can adjust your route accordingly.15_00593_04

Good music is essential for every vacation! With great apps like Songza and Spotify, you’ll be able to pass your travel time with the latest tracks and road trip sing-a-longs. Don’t like the same beats as your buddies? Don’t stress. Plug into your own music collection with a pair of urBeats earbuds. No matter what your favourite jams are, we guarantee you’ll arrive at your destination pumped up and ready to play.

15_00593_05Assign a designated texter. If you have to stay connected during your commute, ask your passenger to do the typing and talking for you. If it’s absolutely necessary that you take the call, pull over or use your phone in hands-free mode. There’s never a good time to use your phone while driving, so put your smartphone down and focus on the road. You are on holidays after all. 15_00593_06

If you decide to drive across the border and visit our neighbours to the south, make sure you update your phone plan accordingly. To give yourself peace of mind, simply add US Easy Roam, which allows you to access the minutes, text messages and data included in your Canadian rate plan for $7 a day. That way you can upload those #USA selfies without encountering surprise data charges upon your return. Passport? Check. Roaming Plan? Check. You’re good to go.15_00593_03

Once you arrive at your destination, sit back, relax, and enjoy those final moments of summer. You might also want to capture and frame a few Kodak moments to get you through the winter months. May we suggest bringing a selfie stick? To make your pals back home jealous, throw a filter on that ussie and upload it to your favourite social platform, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Say cheese!

Have a great long weekend everyone!