Get the most out of your new phone with TELUS Learning Centres

Have you ever purchased a new device or switched platforms only to feel overwhelmed by all the new features and functionalities your new phone has to offer?BBQ10

Don’t fret – you’re not alone. With a plethora of devices on the market today and the emergence of Android and most recently, the new BlackBerry 10 platforms, getting to know your phone when you leave the store is like leaving the store with a new day job! And it’s not just about learning the platform; you’ll no doubt want to learn about the sophisticated features specific to the device too. It’s exciting, but for some, it’s a lot to take in.

We listened to our customers and noticed that this was a pain point for them, so we introduced a distinctive supporting service called the TELUS Learning Centres.

TELUS Learning Centres are unique to TELUS in the Canadian market. Located in over 200 of our exclusive TELUS locations, the Learning Centres are complimentary, personalized, one-on-one training sessions with a TELUS Learning Specialist on how to get the most out of their phone.  These sessions are customized to the individual or groups needs and can cover everything from how to turn your phone off and on through to extra tips and tricks for the most advanced user.

2013-05-02_1057With the launch of new BlackBerry 10 platform and yesterday’s BlackBerry Q10 launch, TELUS Learning Centre Specialists are a great resource to tap into to help you learn all about the new platform and the device itself. Given the dramatic shift in OS experience from previous Blackberry platforms to Blackberry 10, TELUS Learning Centres are a cornerstone of our ability to guarantee the best possible experience for our customers including new Blackberry 10 users.

Learn more about TELUS Learning Centres on telusmobility.com.

Jamie McNicol, Director, Product Marketing, TELUS