Get your groove on with the Moto X and Moto 360 from TELUS

About the guest blogger: 
Canadian technology journalist, Jonathan Yaniv is the founder and editor-in-chief for
TrustedNerd.com. Since 2009 his online publication has provided unbiased opinions on consumer electronics, mobile technology and automotive innovations. 

Smartwatches and smartphones; it’s a match made in heaven. A few years ago, if you had asked someone what a smartwatch is, they’d probably say a watch with a digital display, but smartwatches can do so much more. With the Moto 360 and Moto X now available in Canada, many people are wondering how the two work together.


First thing’s first, on your Moto X, you’ll want to create a Google Play account if you haven’t done so already. Typically this will link to/use your Gmail address (if you have one). If you don’t have a Google account, create one. Then, of course, login to Google Play and search for an application called “Android Wear.” Make sure you download and install it (it’s free).

When downloading Android Wear on your Moto X, you may be prompted to upgrade Google Play Services. This is safe to update, so go ahead and follow Google Play’s instructions.


Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone by accessing your phone’s “Settings,” selecting Bluetooth and turning it to “On.”

Before you continue, make sure your Moto X and Moto 360 are fully charged. There may be a system update on your Moto 360, which will require at least a 90 per cent charge to complete. You won’t be able to use your Moto 360 unless you successfully install the update, so now is the time to update it.


Once your phone and Moto 360 are all up to date, connect your phone to your Moto 360 using Android Wear. On your phone, open the Android Wear application. This is a super-easy task thanks to Google.


Next, you can customize your watch face. Your Moto 360 comes with a variety of displays that allow you to customize your Moto 360 to match your mood. Hold your finger down on the watch display for two seconds and select the watch face that you like. It’s that easy!

Now, the best part of all, installing applications. Android Wear comes with a wide variety of applications that you can install on your Moto 360, such as Strava (a really great running application). To install applications, open up Android Wear and select “Get more apps.” This will open a list of applications supported by Android Wear. Go crazy! You can install applications that suit your needs – many are free, but some need to be purchased. Android Wear apps help improve your day-to-day life by providing an easy way to get to the content you want on your watch quickly, such as Facebook Messenger, Gmail notifications and lots more!

Stay tuned for my review of the Moto 360 and Moto X, available at any TELUS retail location, on TrustedNerd.com.