A stranger on the beach

Last year several of my closest friends and I planned a trip to visit Cuba and unwind. We had been working pretty hard over the previous months and certainly needed the break.

We wasted no time settling in while enjoying the 15_00341_infoimage-02sun, sand and relaxation. The company around us were fantastic as well. Considering we were a pretty lively bunch, we met new people almost every night.

I discovered that one of my new-found friends was from Montreal. It’s always nice to come across fellow Canadians while travelling, not to mention I have quite a few friends in Montreal so it gave us something to chat about. Our group and our new encounters were all throwing around humorous stories and anecdotes to keep everyone laughing.  While sharing our candid stories my new-found friend from Montreal pointed out how silly he felt after losing his phone and wallet on this trip.

Imagine you’re on vacation. The sun is shining, the sand is soft and the breeze is warm. You think you’ve left your troubles at home, until you realize you’ve just lost your phone.15_00341_infoimage-01

Thinking about it makes me cringe.

I knew the feeling all too well. Just recently my daughter had lost her iPhone and I remember her heart dropping. Luckily, some good samaritan turned it in to her school’s office. I wasn’t so sure my new friend would be so lucky.

Initially, he believed his device lock would prevent the culprit from using his phone, but I informed him that it would not stop them from using his SIM card in another device and potentially racking up his bill!

At this point, I could tell he was getting a little worried.  Without an Internet connection, he didn’t know what to do or who to call. So I did what I hope anyone else would do: I went back to my hotel room and grabbed my phone to find some answers.

With a little back and forth with TELUS Customer Care, we ensured my new friend wouldn’t have any unexpected charges on his bill after returning home.

I really didn’t think much of any of this until my supervisor gave me kudos when I returned to Toronto. I didn’t think I was doing anything outside the norm. It was just great to see my new friend’s stress relieved so he could go back to enjoying his trip. I couldn’t bring his phone back, but at the very least I gave him some peace of mind.

Author Bio: Mange Kumarasamy – Network Specialist at TELUS (Toronto)