Introducing the #TeamTELUS Advocates

When we first started working with bloggers – a few years ago, now – in many cases, it was because they approached us to share a great experience they had with TELUS. We count ourselves lucky.

We learned very quickly that they are terrific partners and great teachers. We’ve loved collaborating with bloggers to deliver interesting content while having fun: sharing unique experiences, exploring the techiest ways to get fit, telling stories that bring a tear to our eyes, and much more.

Fast-forward to today. As you know, we’re obsessed with putting our customers first, and believe that customers should Expect More from their telco. Getting it right will be a two-way street, which is why we are mobilizing some of our most passionate bloggers by giving them an all-access pass to TELUS and all that we do. So much so, that we’re officially making them part of the team, #TeamTELUS.

The Team TELUS line up stars 15 awesome, interesting, smart, creative, down-to-earth, caring and stylish personalities from across the country. We are going to work with them to ensure they share their unfiltered view of our business. We’ll also rely on their expertise and input so that together, we can help you make decisions regarding things like wearable tech, devices and mobile or Internet plans. Most importantly, we’ll be doing a lot of listening. We’ve come a long way, but have more work to do, and know that by listening to our Team TELUS advocates – and their readers – we can learn a lot and continue to get better.

To recognize Team TELUS for their support, we are providing them with mobile (and in B.C. and Alberta, Optik TV) service, devices, VIP access to events and reader giveaways.

Here’s your 2015 #TeamTELUS blogger roster:

15_00390_07EN-02-Bob 3
Bob Kronbauer,Vancouver is Awesome, a community-based media company dedicated to showcasing Vancouver residents all of the great things about their city. Targeting young urbanites, VIA posts inspiring stories that highlight how awesome Vancouver really is.

“Although I love Vancouver I also do a lot of adventure traveling within British Columbia. I’m currently researching for a history book I’m writing called BC Was Awesome that’ll be out on Arsenal Pulp Press in 2016, so I spend a lot of time on the road in different communities throughout the province. Wherever I am I’m always able to access the TELUS network which is crucial for communicating with our team in Vancouver as well as editing timely stories about what’s going on in the city.”

15_00390_07EN-03-Carol 3

Carol Gomez,Carol au Courant, is a passionate and creative lifestyle & parenting blogger, social strategist and busy mom of two adorable kids. Her blog focuses on the life & style of a modern millennial mom catering to the savvy & stylish and features content on product reviews, food, lifestyle, travel and more.

“In this digital age between my work, motherhood and my day-to-day, it’s imperative to have access to everything I require at the palm of my hands. Knowing I’m backed up by such an adroit and courteous network such as TELUS, I can rest assured that I can always stay connected with what matters most.”


Carrie Anne Badov, Everything Mom, features everything for families on her blog, including home décor ideas, food recipes, hot travel destinations, parenting advice and reviews of the latest children’s books.

As a busy mom and online writer my life depends on organization and connectivity. No matter where I am or who I need to reach, I know TELUS has got my family’s back and will help keep us connected, from after school library visits with friends to family vacations in the islands.”15_00390_07EN-05-Casie 3

Casie Stewart, Casie Stewart, is a Jill of all trades. As a social media expert, speaker and blogger, Casie’s blog ‘This Is My Life’ is one of Canada’s top lifestyle blogs, covering fashion, travel and tech.

“Over the past few years I’ve build a great relationship with the company and me and my phone have travelled all over the world. Whether I’m outside the country, up at the cottage in Muskoka, or racing around the city, I’ve always got great coverage. I love being able to turn on my own TELUS wi-fi hotspot and work from anywhere. I’ve also had the opportunity to take part in some great community initiatives with TELUS.”15_00390_07EN-06-Christine 3

Christine McNaughton, Life on Manitoulin, is a mother, freelance writer, project and community manager, and blogger. She features content for the entire family, including recipes, travel, farm life insights and product giveaways.

“As city girl (born in Toronto and raised in Montreal), I am accustomed to being digitally connected. Having moved to Manitoulin Island 11 years ago, I rely on TELUS to keep me connected for personal and for work. Though I may live on an island in the middle of Lake Huron in Northern Ontario, I am always connected to what’s going on off-island and I am able to work remotely.  Telecommuting is easy thanks to TELUS.”15_00390_07EN-07-Dai 3

Dai Manuel, Dai Manuel is a cool dad, husband and health junkie who (ahem) fittingly blogs about health, fitness, and how to live a functionally fit life.

“Community, both on and offline, is a big part of who I am. I love connecting with like-minded people of all backgrounds. Of course, I’m only one person and between my family, business and personal commitments, there’s only so much time in the day. Technological advances, social networks and cloud-based mobility tools have allowed me to leverage my time more effectively, allowing me to engage with people anywhere and everywhere, even on the busiest of days. Even when on my own, I’m never alone.”15_00390_07EN-08-Heather 3

Heather Eigler, Home to Heather, is a long-time blogger and social media enthusiast. She is a creative soul, and is passionate about writing and DIY projects. Heather lives and works out of her home, just west of Calgary with her family.

“I am passionate about sharing stories about home life and part of my home is online social media – it’s like a virtual living room where all my friends hang out!  I rely on the TELUS network to allow me to carry my virtual home in my pocket anywhere I go.”15_00390_07EN-09-Jessica 3

Jessica Blumel created Northshore Mama out of love for her daughters and the desire to share her motherhood journey with fellow moms. Jessica’s site is her way of reaching out to other mamas who need anything from a laugh to a cry to some dinner inspiration to information on upcoming local events.

“My interest in TELUS started with all the great community initiatives I have had the privilege to be a part of (and learn more about) over the past couple of years. I could tell immediately that TELUS was making a difference in a way that had an impact both locally and globally. It made me want to be a part of whatever the TELUS team was going to do next and share in the positivity they are projecting into the community.”15_00390_07EN-10-Julia 3

Julia Chiarella-Genoni is a freelance fashion writer turned mom of three, and a self-taught social media influencer, in addition to being the founder of the local annual charity, Shopping From The Heart. Based in Montreal, Julia’s blog Ask Mama MOE, is a combination of reviews, events and all around family-friendly living with a focus on healthy, safe and educational products.

“Writing about TELUS makes me happy because it’s a company I am proud to be affiliated with. Their social good goes way beyond what many companies dream to do. I have yet to participate on a project or event with TELUS that I have not been really excited about.” 15_00390_07EN-11-Julie 3

Julie Height, Sober Julie,  is a well-established lifestyle blogger who features food & drink recipes, travel tips and reviews, real stories of recovery, tips for sobriety, reflections on life and tons of ideas for leading a better (more creative, more enjoyable) life.

“As someone who loves to travel with my family, while maintaining working online I rely on TELUS to keep me connected. For over 15 years I’ve been a customer and have no plans of changing that any time soon.”15_00390_07EN-12-Nancy 3

Nancy Polanco, of Whispered Inspirations, is a lifestyle blogger and freelance journalist.  She is passionate about meeting new people and experiencing new things. Her site is all about the hottest products and services.  She is also keen on offering giveaways to her readers. She enjoys sharing all of her travel adventures and when inspired, loves to dust off her apron to share her favorite recipes with the world.

“I was born with the travel gene.  I yearn to see places that I’ve only read about in books and I want to document every part of them. That’s why staying connected is incredibly important to me. With TELUS travel passes, I know that wherever I may roam, I am covered.  These passes allow me to bestow my adventures to my fellow nomads, techies and foodies.  Conversely, I am also able to view their experiences.”


Sunny Lenarduzzi is an award winning video, social media and online business strategist and educator. Sunny works with clients across industries and is happy to have been able to support so many local businesses grow their influence in the online space. Sunny’s passion is helping people leverage the power of video marketing and social media to build businesses that they love. Sunny shares her top tips for digital success in weekly YouTube videos on her channel.

“I live the laptop lifestyle and with a busy travel schedule for work, I am so grateful to have the incredible support of TELUS to keep me connected on-the-go! I know I’m in the best hands and it makes my life and my job so much easier!”

15_00390_07EN-14-Sonya 3

Sonya Davidson is a Toronto blogger who covers anything that will fuel your mind, body and soul, including arts and culture, food, events, lifestyle products and technology for urban families. She writes for Toronto Guardian, Canadian  Reviewer, UrbanMoms and AZNModern.

“I’m an urbanite at heart and love Toronto, but I love travelling too. Staying connected with TELUS travel passes gives me peace of mind when I’m roaming in other parts of the world and discovering cultures or cuisines allowing me to share my adventures online.”15_00390_07EN-15-Tanya 3

Tanya Toledano, montrealmom.com, covers all things mom, ranging from kids, parenting, mompreneurship, work/life balance, recipes, reviews and more. She is a mother, wife, foodie, blogger, TV show contributor, an entrepreneur, a marketer passionista and a serial volunteer.

My love for TELUS is inextricably linked to how much TELUS does for the community. One way or another, spending money on telecommunications is a reality of life, but when I spend my money with TELUS, I know that a chunk of that is going back into the community. The impact that TELUS has on the planet via its sponsorship of WeDay alone is mind-blowing…and that’s just a fraction of what they do! This is the reason that I became a TELUS customer and why I continue to sing their praises at every chance I get.”


Virginie Goudreault, who founded the Blond Story blog, is all about lifestyle. You’ll find food, fashion, wellness and fitness info on her site and all its social media links. Virginie’s mission is to find balance in daily life, and she uses Blond Story to share everything she’s learned and inspire others to join her in leading a healthy lifestyle.

My phone is critical to my business. It’s the one tool I can’t live without. I bring it everywhere, even when I’m travelling. I use it for inspiration and for work, even when I’m out of the office. Thanks to TELUS, I can stay connected in all peace of mind.

Drop by and pay a visit to the above sites and find out what’s happening with TELUS in your neighbourhood! If you want to learn more about #TeamTELUS, leave a comment below or give us a shout @TELUS.