Join the Fight Against the Online Sexual Exploitation of Children

Cybertip.caSeptember 26 marks Cybertip.ca Awareness Day — a reminder that we are all responsible for the protection of children and that there are ways for Canadians to get involved in the fight against online child sexual exploitation.

Cybertip.ca, which is owned and operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, is part of the Government of Canada’s National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet. The tipline operates as a “front door” to the Canadian public for reporting concerns about the online sexual exploitation of children. Cybertip.ca plays an important role in reducing the workload for Internet child exploitation units across Canada by helping to triage reports involving potentially illegal activity and forwarding them to the appropriate law enforcement agency. TELUS is proud to be an active supporter of the great work of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and since 2007 we have provided more than $1.4M in program funding to help keep our children safe.

Over the past 11 years, Cybertip.ca has received over 94,000 reports from the public. These reports have led to over 125 known arrests, more than 62 children removed from abusive environments and above all else, countless children protected.

Check out the new safety resource for parents titled, Parenting Teens and Tweens In a Digital Age. The brochure includes information on current trends and online risks such as self/peer exploitation (also referred to as “sexting”), online luring, and cyberbullying. The brochure also has information about how to talk to children about smartphone safety and healthy relationships.

For more information about Cybertip.ca Awareness Day, visit here.

Shannon Gorman, MBA, CFRE is the National Director of TELUS Community Affairs and is based in Ottawa.