Keeping it clear and simple with TELUS SharePlus

Sugar_Maple_LeafIn 2009, we began a journey to make things clear and simple for our customers. This means listening – and I mean really listening – to our customers and changing how we do things based on what they tell us. We listened to them and did away with the system access fee with new Clear and Simple plans in 2009. Since then, based on customer input, we have added features such as data roaming notifications and caps and easy device unlocking. We scrapped contract cancellation charges and replaced them with simple device balances and we re-wrote our contracts in plain language our customers could understand. Just last fall, we eliminated activation fees for new and renewing customers and dramatically reduced our entire fee schedule. blog2


On July 30 we’ll take another giant leap in this journey and completely change the face of how we offer wireless to our customers. The TELUS SharePlus plan includes unprecedented value for customers with unlimited nationwide talk and text so you can talk to family and friends all over the country without worrying about overages or long distance charges, but where this plan really starts to shine is by data sharing. With TELUS SharePlus, you also have the ability to share data across multiple devices and people in the same household. Best of all, additional smartphones and tablets can be added without having to add additional data – they just share data from the same bucket and everyone in the household will get full value of the data that was purchased.  So the more devices you add, the bigger the savings.

In a nutshell, TELUS SharePlus is all about simplicity, choice and value with less commitment. We looked at best practices around the world and thought long and hard about how we can offer the best possible value for our customers; how we could improve on the best plans available in the world, and SharePlus is where we landed.

Here’s how the plans work – just two easy steps:


First, you can either purchase your device outright or bring your own device and get unlimited nationwide talk and text for just $35 a month – a tremendously low entry point (you’d be hard pressed to find landline plans this low). If you decide to go with a device in the Smartphone Lite category on a two-year term which includes mid-tier devices such as the Samsung Ace II X, you can start at a $45 entry point and then up to $55 for high-end devices in the Smartphone category like the Samsung GALAXY S4 or BlackBerry Q10. Second, add your preferred data bucket and you’re done. It’s that simple. With data sharing, the primary account holder adds the desired bucket of data to their plan and additional devices or people on the same account can simply share data with the primary account holder.

A word on the device balance – with a high-end smartphone, we will continue to offer customers about a $500 upfront discount on the device that is paid off over their term with us, like you would a car loan or mortgage.  We refer to this as the device balance and we show it on all our monthly bills.

Currently with three-year terms, a customer’s device balance falls by about $14 a month towards their device balance – that’s approximately a $500 discount divided over 36 months. With two-year terms, this will rise to about $10-$20 on the new two-year plans, due to the shorter amortization period. What I like about the new plans on this front is the clarity – if you BYOD or buy one from us outright, you pay $35 a month for unlimited talk and text, which is terrific value. If you get a mid-tier smartphone and pay it off over two years you pay $45 a month with $10 of that going toward paying off your device balance, the rest for service. If you get a high-end device you pay $55 a month with $20 of that going to your device balance, the rest for service. You then add the data bucket you need and share that data with however many devices and people works for you.

The TELUS SharePlus concept is a first in Canada and a major step forward in our clear and simple journey of putting customers first in everything we do, and just another way we’re bringing simplicity, choice and real value to our customers.

Let’s do the math – TELUS SharePlus by the numbers…

Scenario 1 – You’re a single person who comes to TELUS to purchase a new Samsung GALAXY S4 (which is in the Smartphone category) on a two year term at a discounted price. You pay $55 for unlimited nationwide talk and text and then select your data bucket, say 1GB at $30 for a total of $85 per month. You’ve got tablet you want to share data with? No problem, add $10 for a total of $95 per month. Now, you can take your smartphone and tablet anywhere and you don’t have to worry about getting wifi access.

In this scenario, currently customers pay $ 80/month for unlimited nationwide calling on a three-year term.  With TELUS SharePlus, the customer pays $5/month more, but can upgrade a year earlier. This is a lower monthly subsidy cost than today. Less commitment, more value, plus with every added device to the same account, the customer saves.

Scenario 2 – You’re a family of four. Mom gets a new BlackBerry Z10, Dad a new BlackBerry Q10 (both on the Smartphone plan), and kids Sally and Johnny get two new Samsung GALAXY Ace II X’s (both on the Smartphone Lite plan), all on two-year terms at discounted prices. The family already has a tablet and adds that to the data plan (on Tablet BYOD plan). They are fairly heavy data users, so decide to share 3 GB of data for a total of $260 a month for the entire family. The breakdown: $55 for Mom, $55 for Dad, $45 for Sally, $45 for Johnny, $10 for tablet, $50 for 3GB of shared data = an average of just $52 per device.

Currently, a similar plan would net out at $284 per month for the household, so customers will see a savings with TELUS SharePlus.

Scenario 3 – You got the Samsung GALAXY S3 from your friend, so you opt for the BYOD plan from TELUS for $35 unlimited nationwide talk and text. While you talk and text a lot, you’re not a big data user, just a bit of social media and a few apps. So you opt for the 250 MB option for a total of $50 a month.

Currently, we don’t offer a comparable plan, so the bring your own device option bring significant value to customers getting a hand-me-down device or purchasing their phone outright.