Keeping TELUS top of mind: Meet our 2016/2017 Team TELUS Advocates

Can you believe a year has gone by already?! The first year of Team TELUS saw our Advocates explore social issues like cyberbullying, attend national events such as WE Day, muscle up to a Fitbit health challenge and so much more. We count ourselves lucky to have had such a great group in our corner, helping us share our stories directly with the people we care about, like you. We don’t have enough words to express our gratitude to the group of influencers who made it possible. THANK YOU!

This year we’ve shaken things up! You’ll see some familiar faces, but in an effort to reach even more Canadians and create new types of engaging and visual content that help showcase what TELUS is all about, we’ve partnered with influencers across different platforms. We know you love to hear from YouTube personalities, so including them in our roster was a must. Also in the mix will be niche content creators such as tech, travel, health and lifestyle experts to ensure we’re bringing you a broad spectrum of topics from those who know their areas best.

What hasn’t changed are the shared partnerships we’ll be forging with this year’s Team TELUS Advocates as we open our doors to give them an unfiltered view of our business: our commitment to the latest products and services, backed by the stellar customer service, community investment and sponsorship initiatives, our unwavering focus on building a more sustainable future to our dedication to delivering solutions that will change the Canadian healthcare system for the better. Team TELUS truly is a bridge that connects you with both our initiatives and to some of Canada’s top influencers!

To recognize Team TELUS for their support, we are providing each Advocate with mobile (and in B.C. and Alberta, Optik TV) service, devices, VIP access to events and reader giveaways.

Canada, here are your 2016/2017 Team TELUS Advocates:


Amber Mac is a bestselling author, television host, keynote speaker, and digital entrepreneur. She spends her days helping clients build their brands and businesses. Amber’s latest book, “Outsmarting Your Kids Online” is a parent’s go-to guide to keeping children safe on the Internet. As an on-air expert, she hosts shows for Bloomberg TV, Fast Company, SiriusXM, and the list goes on.

“As a speaker and entrepreneur, I travel almost every week of the year. This mobile lifestyle means that I need to be connected around the clock – not just for my business, but also for my family. TELUS makes it easy for me to keep my company running whether I’m Toronto or on the road; most importantly, thanks to roaming options and excellent coverage, I can talk to my 7-year-old whenever I want, no matter where I am.” 


Montrealer, blogger, YouTuber, student… Audrée is a proud Montrealer eager to travel and discover. Formerly anxious, wellness is now her lifestyle and she is committed to sharing tips and 1001 small pleasures to her readers. Reading, meditation, beauty, relaxation… all shine every day as a way to  inspire to be more grateful every day.

“Being connected all the time is essential whether it’s for social media, manage your day to day, do some school researches or write new posts. I have been trusting TELUS with my services for many years now, knowing that whenever I am, I can enjoy an impeccable service. I’m proud to collaborate with a company that simplifies my everyday and that is committed to make a difference in the community, notably by educating youth to be more responsible online and by helping local charities.”


Buzz Bishop is a dad, broadcaster, writer, and Team Diabetes Champion from Calgary, Alberta. He’s a proud father of two sons, hosts programs on XL 103 and Z95-3, publishes at DadCAMP and The Blog According To Buzz, and runs in international races to raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

“I love how TELUS gives back to my community. They’ve inspired me through TELUS Day of Giving and my kids with WE Day. They’ve been a big supporter of my Team Diabetes fundraising and I’m proud to be on Team TELUS. As someone who loves being a ‘not at home dad’ with my boys and taking them on adventures, TELUS keeps me connected on the road, sharing and making memories at the same time.”


Canoopsy, is a well-known verified YouTube technology reviewer, filmmaker, social media influencer and avocado lover. He strives to create simple, beautiful and easy to understand content for the masses.

“I love getting my hands on new technology and working with TELUS to test out the new devices and accessories that they offer. Even more, I love how TELUS places such a focus on community and giving back to Canadians in so many different ways.”


Gomez, Carol au Courant, is a visionary and eloquent parenting lifestyle storyteller, freelance social strategist and assiduous mom of two sweet and spunky kids. Her blog focuses on the life and style of a modern millennial mom catering to the savvy and stylish, and features content on product reviews, food, beauty, travel and more.

“In this digital age between work, motherhood and my day-to-day, it’s imperative to have access to everything I require at the palm of my hands. Knowing I’m backed up by such an adroit and courteous network such as TELUS, I can rest assured that I can always stay connected with what matters most.”


Casie Stewart is an award-winning Canadian lifestyle blogger and pioneer in social media. Since 2005, she’s travelled as an ambassador for some of the world’s top brands, been on TV, in movies, lived the agency life, and documented it all on her blog This Is My Life. She’s also an accomplished speaker (TEDx, SXSW) and works with a Toronto-based creative agency. Her lust for life will brighten your day and you’ll always find her on Twitter @casiestewart!

“Last year with Team TELUS, I had the opportunity create cool content, make some friends, and help out the community. I love being part of a team that cares about customers, the environment, and people across Canada. The charity and community projects are something I really look forward to. Two of my favourite things last year were going backstage at WE Day Toronto and brainstorming social ideas for the #TheGivingEffect.”


Christine McNaughton, Life on Manitoulin, is a mother, digital strategist, project and community manager, blogger, foodie, and bento lunch maker. Her blog features content for the entire family, including recipes, travel, farm life insights and products she loves.

“Having been a long-standing TELUS customer, I feel like TELUS is part of my family. We’ve been through thick and thin together since 2000! That’s sixteen years! My longest relationship! TELUS has been an integral part of my life, both personal and professional. I’m also excited to be affiliated with a company that makes a difference in its communities both locally and globally through its many initiatives. TELUS had me with their stellar customer care, products and services, but is keeping me because of that AND all the philanthropic initiatives they spearhead. The future is friendly!”


Dai Manuel is a digital thought leader and lifestyle mentor empowering people to lead a ‘FUN’ctionally fit life through education, encouragement and community. Dai models his work on the basis of five pillars (four actually, plus a roof): Fitness, Family, Finances, and Faith with an overarching roof of ‘FUN’ built on a rock-solid foundation of health.

“Clear communication in today’s world is key to connecting, helping and building relationships. TELUS provides me with the confidence that my message reaches the thousands of people I connect with daily through various on and offline initiatives. My passion is to positively impact local and global communities, and having a partner like TELUS on my side, makes this possible.”


Erica Lam is the editor in chief of The Style Spy, an online destination for fashion, beauty and living. A collective of fun, stylish and professional women, The Style Spy is where you’ll find insider tips on where to shop, what to buy and ways to live an inspired life.

“Whether I’m approving story pitches, uploading content or posting to social media, it’s important for me to stay connected and TELUS helps me to do so – even when I’m travelling abroad. Life is so much easier knowing that I can get my work done, while still discovering new places and cultures.” 


Jessica Blumel is a mother and the founder of North Shore Mama, who loves to write and connect with others navigating their way through parenthood. North Shore Mama is a place to find easy family recipes, professional advice from a panel of experts, reviews on new and favourite products and editorial pieces on the trials and tribulations of motherhood.

“Being connected is the whole reason I started North Shore Mama. When I grew my blog into a business, being connected took on a whole new meaning. I now need cellular and data access like never before. TELUS connectivity is reliable and dependable which is integral to the entrepreneurial life I have found myself in and allows me to work (and play) from wherever I am.”


In 2007, Josh Rimer had “the most discussed video of all time” on YouTube and has since uploaded hundreds of videos, garnering over 12 million views on his main channel with nearly 30,000subscribers. He can also be seen on TV every day on Canada’s LGBT network OUTtv and on stage in the weekly Queer Prov show in Vancouver’s West End.

“I need devices and services that allow me to easily (and frequently) do a variety of tasks. Whether I’m shooting a travel vlog on my smartphone or sharing a photo through my social media, I know I can rely on TELUS to keep me equipped and connected!”


Julia Chiarella-Genoni is a freelance fashion writer turned mom of three (one plus twins!), and a self-taught social media influencer, in addition to being the founder of the local annual charity, Shopping From The Heart. Based in Montreal, Julia’s blog, Ask Mama MOE, is a combination of reviews, events and all around family-friendly living with a focus on healthy, safe and educational products.

“I am so proud to be affiliated with TELUS for a second year! Having this relationship has enabled me to let my readers know about their social good projects, something I am more than happy to write about.”


Savannah is the creator of YouTube channel, Savannah And Stuff, where she can be her weird self on camera. This lifestyle channel covers a variety of things such as DIYs, life hacks, cooking, comedy and more!

“The emphasis that TELUS places on charity makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger. Pairing technology with purpose is exciting and I feel happy knowing I can contribute by being part of Team TELUS.”


Sunny Lenarduzzi is an award-winning video, social media and online business strategist. Sunny uses her YouTube channel to educate entrepreneurs all over the world on how to use social media, technology and video marketing to build their brand awareness and business! With more than 2 million views and 40,000 subscribers in her first year on YouTube, Sunny’s content has resonated with a massive audience who tunes in to learn from her but also enjoy how she keeps it real with a fun, infotainment flair!

“I don’t remember life before I worked with TELUS, lol! But really, when you work from your phone and laptop all day, everyday – staying connected is of the utmost importance. I am beyond grateful to be a part of Team TELUS and I’m so proud to work with a company that puts community first.”


Tanya Toledano, montrealmom.com, covers all things mom, ranging from kids, parenting, mompreneurship, work/life balance, recipes, reviews and more. She is a mother, wife, foodie, blogger, TV show contributor, an entrepreneur, a marketer passionista and a serial volunteer.

“I am proud to be a member of #TeamTELUS. I fell in love with TELUS several years ago when I learned about HOW MUCH good they do in the community. From that day forth (literally) I made a choice to have every dollar I invest in my telecommunications bring me the services that I need but also serve the community…through TELUS. Whether its empowering kids to do acts of local and global good through their sponsorship of WE Day, or educating kids and teens about their digital footprints and online safety through TELUS WISE, I actually believe that TELUS makes the world a better place. In addition to all of this, the actual services that I am receiving have been excellent. Overall, you can call me a die-hard TELUS fan(atic).”

Be sure to follow along with #TeamTELUS this year to keep up-to-date with everything our team is doing. Let us know what experiences you’d like them to share by leaving a comment or connecting with us @TELUS.