Let’s Get Social – Celebrate Social Media month with us

SM_Month_6This year feels like it’s going by too quickly. I can’t believe it’s already May – my favourite month. With the arrival of this glorious month brings the return of sunshine, tulips, the start of wedding season and backyard BBQ’s.

May also brings Social Media Month; so of course we wanted to have some fun online with our followers and think of creative ways to celebrate with you! We felt it was important to ensure the full month is filled with surprises, and not a flash-in-the-pan event. After a great debate, we came up with something that we think will inspire our team and you, our Social Media community!

Here’s our plan — for each week in May, our social media team has selected one secret word. Every day, we will attempt to coax you into using the word in your interactions with us on Twitter and Facebook. At the end of each week, our team will be sending some cute, cuddly and down-right heart melting critters to a lucky few who manage to use our secret word.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the creative replies! Get ready to get social!


Week 1: Everyone needs this, If you add a ‘c’ to the front of it, it will smell spicy and sweet — If you change the ‘c’ to a ‘g’ it will help maintain bodyheat. What am I?
Answer: Love

Week 2: I’m something you all have. You will try your hardest to influence me, but nothing can be guaranteed. What am I?
Answer: Future

Week 3: Add me to a ship and I’ll weather the stormy seas with you. Without me, you’ll be lonely. Now add an “ly” and I’ll be favorably disposed. Angry I be not, how am I?
Answer: Friendly

Week 4: I have many different forms and come in a range of flavors.  My best friend is a small green robot. I am often taken away from children, but adults can’t get enough of me. What am I? Answer: TBA