My favourite apps to keep me organized for the holidays.

December is my favourite time of the year – with all of the beautiful Christmas trees, lights and celebration dinners with friends and family. I am an extremely organized individual, personally and professionally and love how technology can help me stay in check during the busy holiday season. I’ve put together a list of my favourite holiday apps, hopefully you’ll find a few to add to your repertoire.Christmas

Organization is key during December:

  1. Evernote: It’s not only an app but it links my PC, mobile and iPad – if I start a note on my computer it automatically updates to my phone. I use Evernote all year round but it works on overdrive during the Christmas season. My current notes include: missing baking supplies, my party RSVPs and the start of my 2014 goals. Available on Android and iPhone.
  2. The Christmas ListThis is the newest addition to my app favourites – I’ve added all of my friends and family that I’m buying gifts for. It helps me keep track of my purchases and ensures I don’t miss anyone. Available on iPhone.
  3. CoziCozi is the perfect app to manage the hundreds (or what feels like hundreds) of events and parties that are planned for December.  It will help the family keep track by sharing a calendar, shopping and to do lists. Available on Android and iPhone.

Party hosting apps:

  1. EpicuriousPlanning a big holiday party or hosting Christmas dinner? My husband and I both love Epicurious as it links to all our devices to ensure we don’t forget any ingredients while we’re shopping. Available on iPhone, Android and Windows.
  2. WinesteinI recently added this app to my phone in case I’m out and need to pick up a bottle of wine to pair with dinner. The easy interface is perfect for anyone on the go – just choose your main dish and voilà, tonnes of great recommendations to choose from. Available on iPhone.
  3. SongzaI’ve been addicted to Songza for a few years now – I love the convenience of it.  Just click ‘The Holidays’ in the concierge section and choose from a wide variety of great playlists. Available on iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Fun Holiday apps for the kids:

  1. How the Grinch Stole ChristmasGet in the holiday mood with this fun interactive book app from everyone’s favourite holiday classic – Dr. Seuss. Available on iPhone and Android.
  2. A Charlie Brown ChristmasEveryone loves A Charlie Brown Christmas – who doesn’t have a smile when you see it on TV? Have fun with various holiday interactive games – playing with Linus, Lucy and all their friends. Available on iPhone and Android.
  3. 25 Days of Christmas: A simple take on the traditional advent calendar – open a door every day to countdown to Christmas 2013. Available on iPhone and Android.

Capturing the Moment:

  1. Photography: Have you checked out Kate’s recent blog post? She shares her five top photography apps – my favourite is Snapseed (Available on Android and iPhone) as I find it the easiest to use with the best end result.

What are you ‘Must Have’ apps on your device that you can’t live without?