Pokémon GO: Tips you need to know

Watch out Snapchat, look out Tinder – the Pokémon GO craze is real, and with more than 21 million daily active users in the USA alone, this viral gaming sensation appears as if it’s here to stay.

If you don’t know what it is, or haven’t downloaded the app (iOSAndroid) yet, this geo-location based augmented reality brings to life one of the most popular gaming franchises of the 90s to smartphones, allowing users to capture their favourite Pokémon in the real world. This app is highly addictive, and a fun way to gamify your daily commute – but whatever you do, please don’t Pokémon and drive.

We know you gotta catch ‘em all. So for those of you on your quest to becoming the best that ever was, here are our top four training tips to help you catch that elusive Mew, find your 101st Magikarp (because you know you want that Gyrados!) or remain undefeated at your gym.


Use PokeStops, Gyms and Grass markers as Goals

While playing you’ll encounter numerous PokeStops, Gyms and Grass markers; each of which offer their own incentives – items, battle opportunities or new Pokémon.

Simply check your map to see what’s nearby and challenge yourself to reach as many of them as you can. You may sigh when you encounter your 279th Weedle of the day but remember, each Pokémon you catch gives you XP.

Hatch Pokémon eggs

Did you know that the only way to hatch the eggs you find on your adventures is by walking? You’ll need to place an egg in an incubator and get walking – 2, 5, or 10 kilometres, depending on the rarity of the Pokémon inside. And for those looking for a shortcut, sadly there are none – kilometres don’t count when you’re in a car.

Track your fitness

By pairing the experience with a fitness wearable or smartwatch, you’ll get data that tells you  how far you’ve travelled, the number of steps you’ve taken and how many calories you burned on your quest to catch ‘em all.


Back up batteries

If you want to be able to make it through a marathon Pokémon GO day, consider bringing a backup battery or extended battery case along with you. Some of the clumsier trainers out there may also want to look into a purchasing a solid protective case.

Battery Saving Mode

Pokémon GO has a battery saving mode built right into the app, but it can be tricky to find: simply click on settings and enable ‘battery saving mode.’ From there, anytime you flip your device upside down the screen will darken, significantly curbing your phone’s power consumption, while also reducing the chance your phone will turn off right after you’ve thrown your Ultra Ball.


When it comes to finally evolving your Dragonair, being on Canada’s largest 4G LTE network can make all the difference. Pokémon GO is a fully connected experience and we want to ensure you don’t exceed your data limit when you’re playing.

Use Wi-Fi

Sure, this one is obvious, but we wanted to keep it top of mind. Free Wi-Fi hotspots are available all around your city – here’s a map of our hotspots – so make use of them! But remember: only log into the public networks you trust.

Monitor your background apps and data

To minimize your data consumption while exploring, consider closing all of the other mobile apps you don’t need while out on your adventure. Besides, you don’t want a reminder going off just as you take on the leader of your rival gym.

Many smartphones allow you to track your data consumption from within your mobile phone settings. In some cases you can even set your device to give you warnings when you near your limits. TELUS customers can utilize their TELUS ‘My account app’ (iOS/Android) to stay on top of their data use.

Charge on the ‘GO’

When all else fails, check into one of our stores and recharge at one of our free charging stations!


Don’t Pokémon and drive

This should be an obvious one for you smart trainers out there. For your safety and the safety of others, please DO NOT Pokémon GO and drive! If you’re in a rush to catch that Bulbasaur on the edge of town have a friend drive you, jump on public transit, or request an UBER if they’re available in your area.

Stay out of restricted areas

There have already been countless stories of Pokémon GO players finding themselves in tricky predicaments, such as walking into police stations or military bases. Consider buying PokéCoins instead of having to pay hefty trespassing fines…or even worse, ending up in a jail cell for being somewhere you shouldn’t be.

‘GO’ with a group

Pokémon GO is more fun in numbers, so team up with friends or family before you head out. Not only is it safer, but it may actually help you to hunt down those rare Pokémon you’ve been dying to find.

Even while playing as part of a group, make sure you keep your head up and watch where you’re going. You might be just a few steps away from a sneaky Pikachu but that doesn’t mean you can disregard traffic or nearby lake

Power up your privacy

It’s easy to jump right into Pokemon Go but before you do you should go over the permissions the app requires. Read them carefully and make sure these settings are exactly how you want them. Another easy to way to keep your privacy safe is by ensuring you’re downloading a verified version of the app. Just avoid third party sources and download straight from the Apple App store or Google Play.

Our friend Canoopsy tried out Pokémon GO and came up with his own tips and tricks. Check out his thoughts in the video below:

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