Reviewing the Fitbit Flex and sharing our #GetFitFeb contest

FitbitI woke up this morning to the gentle buzz of the Fitbit Flex’s silent alarm.   It told me I slept seven hours and 20 minutes, and that I was restless for 23 minutes throughout the night.

I then checked the Fitbit app on my phone and saw that I had burned more than 2500 calories and walked over 11K steps the previous day, not bad considering it was 1K above my daily goal.

Let me step back and give you a primer on Fitbit first…

Fitbit develops a line of health and fitness “wearables” that connect to your smartphone.  The Fitbit Flex is worn on the wrist and tracks your activity (steps, calories, distance, sleep).  All of this information is then synced with your smartphone and is accessed on the Fitbit app.

Part of my role at TELUS is adding new and exciting accessories to TELUS’ product lineup and more importantly, the technology that can make a real difference in our customers’ lives. With this goal in mind, we chose to offer Fitbit Flex wristbands in our TELUS stores and online.

FlexFitbit Flex wristbands are one example of many Smart accessories in the marketplace that can truly change your life.  Rolling back the clock 10 years, you would need to visit a hospital and connect to high priced medical equipment in order to measure your sleep patterns- now you can track your own activity through a wristband as an example.

After becoming a user myself, I noticed an impact in my own life right away.  One thing that became immediately clear is that I don’t move nearly enough.  On an average day when I don’t hit the gym, I’m walking around 6 to 7K steps, which is well below the recommended 10K.   Having insight into this has encouraged me to be more active.   Taking the stairs, walking home, taking regular breaks all adds up and makes a difference.  It’s very motivating and powerful to see how small stints of activity throughout the day really impact your overall health and wellness.

Health studies I’ve looked through prove individuals who track their daily eating, sleeping and exercise patterns increase their activity level by more than 26 per cent and end up losing weight and lowering their blood pressure.  There are tons of success stories out there about people using Fitbit products and seeing REAL results.   The fact that anyone with a Smartphone now has access to these types of tools and technology is incredibly powerful.   Try one out here and see for yourself!

We’re also giving away five Fitbit Flex wristbands this Friday. Follow @TELUS and link to a picture of what’s motivating you to stay healthy and active in 2014 by using the hashtag #GetFitFeb and you could win one of five wristbands. Find out more here.


Adam Burns is a Manager of Accessories at TELUS.