Show us your Q’s!

We love Canada’s spirit and playfulness with our social media contests, so much, we’ve decided to do another for the recently launched BlackBerry Q10! We want you to show us your Q’s! You can enter for a chance to win one of two shiny new Blackberry Q10’s (that’s the one with the buttons!) by sharing your creative ways of displaying the letter “Q” using the hashtag #TELUSBBQ10. Contest runs from May 21st – 24th, 2013.  Here’s our contest page, as well as the rules and regs.

We were inspired to run this Q’s contest because of how incredibly our fans participated in our recent Samsung Galaxy S4 photo contest. This is one awesome device if I do say so myself (and I’m an Apple fan girl). We really enjoy coming up with creative and engaging contests that our fans will enjoy, while keeping it easy for you to join along. So what did we do? In spirit of the “GS4,” we simply asked our audience to “show us” their 4’s, in any way that wanted, using the hashtag #TELUSGS4.

Let me say, the results were nothing short of amazing. Truly.

CD 1




And the winning photos were…

CD 2.2

Even though these two photos were the lucky winners, there were so many good ones, we just had to share some with you.

This one below was one of many entries that @KimJohnston submitted, but seriously… he crafted the cheese into our TELUS logo with an exacto knife! Wow. I can guarantee that I’ll be sending this to our events team for inspiration!

 CD 4

 Here are some other favourites that we loved.

CD 2.3 CD 2.4




TELUS Social & Media Relations team