Showcasing YOU in the TELUS Neighbourhood

That we put customers first is one of my favourite things about TELUS. We hear great tales of how we have helped enrich your lives, some uncomfortable stories of where we’ve fallen short, but mostly, it means we get to have conversations with and ideas from those who matter most to us.

TMHomepageTile_v1What never ceases to amaze me is just how amazing our customers are. You are experts with devices and services, and you’re eager to share that. You tell your friends and family about the solutions that are best for them, and you help them set up for the first time. You explore new platforms and solutions, and you compare the pros and cons of each. You’re awesome.

So while TELUS puts its customers first, what we haven’t done, until now, is to showcase our customers to each other, to help connect you for the exchange of thoughts, opinions, information, and help. We think we’re on track to fixing that with the launch of the TELUS Neighbourhood, an online community designed to help our customers interact and share their expertise.

We have house rules and a team of moderators, and sure, there are members of the broad TELUS team ready to participate as well, but this space is meant for you as a way to get to know others who share your interests, who can help inform your service and device choices, and with whom you can converse about just about anything TELUS.

I hope to see you there, and thank you for being the kind of customer you are.