Smartphone Buying Guide for Seniors

October 1 is National Senior’s Day, a day when we pay homage to those who raised us, helped build our country and continue to make valuable contributions to our society. Choosing a smartphone for people who grew up in a very different technological era can be challenging, but today’s seniors are much more tech-savvy than you might think. In fact, they are embracing their new digital lifestyles and stimulating Internet growth in Canada.  If you’re looking for a way to say thank you to your favourite tech-curious senior, here are a few tips:15_00663-EN01_02[3]There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to purchasing a phone for the senior in your life. When helping them determine which phone is right for them, think about their unique needs. Ask questions to find out what exactly the phone will be used for (e.g. phone calls, email or Internet browsing) and then find a phone that will do those things best. For example, if your grandmother uses a Mac computer at home, consider grabbing an iPhone, since it will allow her to utilize what she already knows. It’s all about ease of use!15_00663-EN01_03[3]No, you don’t have to move back to the family homestead to teach them how to use their new phones. Instead, lean on our TELUS Learning Centre Specialists who specialize in teaching first-time smartphone users how to use their new devices and stay safe online. The best part: this service is free to all TELUS customers! For more information, ask at a TELUS store representative or book an appointment. We’re full of great tips that will help get your senior friend or relative comfortable with their new tech tool.15_00663-EN01_04[3]There was a time when data plans were a new thing, but now it’s hard to imagine how we ever used our mobile phones without data! Take the time to make sure you help the senior in your life select the right plan and ensure they are well versed on how to monitor their data usage. Firstly, our helpful text message notifications inform customers when they near their data limits. Secondly, our TELUS My Account app allows customers to proactively check on their airtime, text and data usage. With these tools, billing won’t be a mystery. So, let your pal know they can browse family pics on Facebook worry-free!15_00663-EN01_05[3]You’re probably aware that the iPhone offers FaceTime, but, did you know that there are dozens of other internet messaging and calling services that will work on any phone or operating system?  Our Learning Specialists can help you find the right app to keep your wise pal connected, whether it’s BBM, Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger. Think your senior friend isn’t ready for that kind of technology? Think again. More than 40 per cent of seniors are active on social networks!15_00663-EN01_06[5]We use our smartphones for practically everything, so keeping our devices charged and ready to go is always top of mind for most of us. Seniors might not have this same mindset, which means battery life might be a real issue for them. It’s important to choose a phone with outstanding battery life. Not only will this make life easier for your favourite senior, but you’ll also find they’re easier to get a hold of because their phone won’t be consistently dead! You could also invest in a portable charging solution to make sure they stay connected while on-the-go.

With your own smartphone wisdom and this buying guide, your favourite senior will be up and running on their fancy new smartphone in no time. Ding! I think its grandma on Google Hangouts. Later!