Smartphone Nightmares

Halloween’s coming up this Saturday, and we’re getting in the spirit by digging up some truly haunting smartphone tales to share with you. Don’t spook too easily;  we know how much you love your favourite device so we’re included a few tips to make sure your smartphone doesn’t suffer a harrowing fate.


I had just gotten my new Samsung S6. It took great photos so I was excited when I went for a canoeing trip back home to Plaster Rock, New Brunswick. I packed it into a waterproof bag and down the river we went. As the sun was setting I took it out to take capture the moment and my canoeing partner flipped our boat at the exact same moment. My S6 went swimming. It was water damaged and irreparable. Rest in peace my dear Samsung. Alicia Bell, Train It Right

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My cellphone is an extension of my body. It is my GPS and emergency help for my day job. It also allows me to stay connected with family and friends on social media and, more importantly, it lets me be available for my kids 24/7. This nightmare began when I was rushing to get home to get my kids off the bus on time. I had a bunch of things in my hand, so I quickly put my phone in the breast pocket of my uniform… or so I thought. My phone fell four feet onto rock-covered asphalt below and smashed the touch screen, rendering me helpless! – Jennifer Van Huss, One Heart One Family

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In the city of love, you wouldn’t expect to experience such a nightmare, but that’s what happened one cold fall day in Paris. I left my Air BNB and headed to the Eiffel Tower to capture the beauty of this magnificent structure and film a travel video for my YouTube channel. Part work and part play, I was eager to see all that Paris had to offer in less than 24 hours, as I only had one day before I headed to Brussels. Only equipped with my iPhone 6 and a selfie stick, I started filming and the footage looked incredible…until…AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Not enough storage?! No! It can’t be! I just deleted all of my photos and pictures that morning. But alas, my efforts fell short. Instead of capturing the Eiffel Tower I had to run through the city of Paris back to my Air BNB to offload my footage before I could shoot anything else. Now, whenever I hear someone say 16GB, it runs a chill down my spine…a chill that I’ve only ever experienced on that cold fall day in Paris. – Sunny Lenarduzzi on YouTube

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Have these stories made your stomach drop and filled your heart with fear? Well don’t be afraid; we’ve got your back this Halloween and beyond!

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