Step Up to the Challenge: Words of wisdom for making every step count!

AsLionPawPrint soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, it seems as though everyone dedicates themselves to making health and wellness a priority. But by the time February comes to a close, our motivation tends to be as frozen as, well, Central and Eastern Canada. Finding the time and motivation to keep health and wellness top of mind can be a major struggle. We often forget that little, everyday changes like walking more, can make a difference. Wearable devices help make us more mindful and aware of our movement, helping us reach our goals one step at a time.

Using our wearable devices to challenge ourselves can also be a great motivator. Personally, I love friendly competition. In February, the TELUS team was challenged to grab our Fitbits and get stepping.  During the month 1,240 team members joined the challenge and walked, in total, more than:

  • 215 millLionPawPrintion steps!
  • 157,715 kilometres – the equivalent of walking around the earth close to four times!
  • 550,000 active minutes – that’s like walking for 380 days straight!

We also challenged some amazing Canadian bloggers to step up to the #everystepcounts challenge with their FitBit Charge in hand…or on wrist. Some of the bloggers shared their words of wisdom for making every step count.


Nancy Polanco
Whispered Inspirations

Motivation: The FitBit Charge has made me more aware of the changes that I needed to make to become more active on a daily basis. I kept myself motivated by setting up reminders to not idle for more than two hours. Taking stairs, parking further, doing rounds at the mall, dancing – pretty much doing whatever I could to get me moving!

Laura Bridgman
Scribbles and Sass

Strong: Instead of looking at my fitness goals as large, daunting tasks, I turned each step into part of my daily workout with the help of my Fitbit Charge. Soon it became a motivator and I turnLionPawPrinted it into a game to beat the step total from the day before.

Cathy Canton
Cathy Thinking Out Loud

Achievable: I don’t have two hours, three times a week to go to the gym so I needed to think about how to get my daily steps in.  I needed to “step outside the box”, so I walked while tweeting, writing, making meals, folding laundry, and brushing my teeth.

Eschelle Westwood

Inspired: Never give up! One day of low steps doesn’t mean you should give up, just get back on that horse and do better the next day. Always striving for more from myself is really what keeps me the most motivated.  I am genuinely proud of myself and that feels amazing.

Maria Lianos-Carbone
A Mother World

LionPawPrintRejuvenated:  I’m one for challenges and this one pushed me further than I thought I could go! The #everystepchallenge motivated me to ramp up my workout routine and find creative ways to make mundane tasks more active. I feel more energetic, so I’ll continue to challenge myself and step up my fitness game!

Feeling motivated? Want to challenge yourself?  Find out what wearable is right for you and be sure to visit a TELUS Health Tech Trainer. They provide free, personalized, one-on-one sessions to help you get the most from your mobile health accessories and help you reach your fitness goals.

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