Tablet envy no more – the cure for all aspiring gadget owners

So I was living with tablet envy. There, I said it. I never had it clinically diagnosed, granted, but I’m fairly certain it’s a legitimate thing. And I’ve had it for years since iPad, PlayBook and Galaxy hit the market, tab-envy (for short, obvs) has been looming overhead like a dark, gloomy, unaffordable cloud. Alas, I just couldn’t fit one into the budget. And I couldn’t escape… these sleek, fancy gadgets kept popping out of peoples’ purses and suitcases all like “ooo, I’m touchscreen, I’m LTE-connected to the web”… like, I get it, you’re awesome.

batmantabletThen, Easy Tablet came into my life – basically the Batman of tablet pricing plans (I jest, I jest). But it really did save me from my endless tablet envy nightmare. What Easy Tablet does is offer existing TELUS customers a reduced upfront rate on whatever tablet they want. You just pay off the difference on your monthly bill over a one/two-year term, in equally monthly payments, interest-free. Easy, right? (…the naming geniuses in our marketing department deserve a raise).

You just walk into your closest TELUS store, grab yourself the tablet of your dreams, a suitable data plan that meets your needs, and Bob’s your uncle (which is just a coincidence, if your uncle’s name is actually Bob). Moreover, TELUS is the only Canadian carrier to offer the Easy Tablet pricing model, just one more reason how we’re putting our customers first.


Wendy Staroselsky has been with TELUS for 2 years and currently works in Pricing & Product Marketing for Tablets, Mobile Internet and Prepaid. She enjoys reality TV, hot yoga and boy band concerts. Interestingly enough, Wendy is also a competitively trained ballerina!