Take Your Smartphone Pictures Further: How To Make An Awesome Summer Vacation Photobook

August 19 is World Photo Day, celebrating 175 years of photography! At BLACKS we’ve watched the photography landscape change more over the last decade than it ever has, transitioning from film to digital cameras and now to smartphonography. Because photography is one of the most popular uses for smartphones, Canadians are now taking over 200 million pictures a day! We hear the same questions over and over again at BLACKS: “What can I do with my smartphone pictures? How can I take my pictures further?”

If you’re like a lot of Canadians, you took a summer holiday or you still plan to squeeze one in before heading back to school and work in a few weeks. Your vacation pictures probably look like a mix of silly selfies, spontaneous jumps in the lake, laughs around the campfire, and all the delicious food you ate on your journey. We’re strong believers that those pictures deserve more than just a hashtag. They deserve to live outside your smartphone as extraordinary things that can be displayed, shared, and celebrated!

At BLACKS we heard the calls from Canadians about wanting to do more with their pictures; one of the best ways to share your summer vacation is with the little BLACKS book! This 20-page photobook is a fun, easy keepsake that can be made right on your smartphone with the BLACKS App, and its square pages are Made for Instagram pictures!

Here are a few tips for making your own awesome little BLACKS book from your summer vacation pictures:

  • Use your epic sunset picture or a good group shot of the whole family for the cover. You want something that sets the stage and sums up the vacation.
  • Consider how you’ll tell your story — some people prefer placing the pictures chronologically, some random, while others prefer to group together pictures based on similar subjects.
  • Variety is key to making a book that tells a great story. Don’t forget to include a little bit of everything — wide angles and close-ups; details like your food and drinks; the best photobombs; smiling kids, sunburnt kids, sleepy kids, and swimming kids!
  • Candid moments are key! Don’t get hung up on including only posed pictures.
  • For extra fun, and a personalized DIY touch, handwrite your own captions under each picture when you receive your book. We like using coloured or metallic Sharpies!
  • Think of your book as a modern day scrapbook, and snap smartphone pictures of your ticket stubs or the doodles your kids made in the car for added context in your book.
  • Use your favourite collage-making app and other photo editing apps to freshen up your pictures before placing them on the page.

We recently heard from Alberta mom Sheri Landry, who made little BLACKS books for each of her daughters of their family trip to Manitoba: “About two minutes after I picked up our girls’ photobooks from BLACKS, they tore into them. They couldn’t wait to remember their vacation. Our youngest kept saying ‘Member mom? Member?’ (‘Remember’)”

As a proud member of the TELUS family, we’ve partnered together to offer you something special: Use the BLACKS App to make your own 21-image little BLACKS book for just $5 with code FROMTELUSBOOK. Plus we’ll ship it FREE anywhere in Canada! Limit of one code redemption per customer, offer ends September 30, 2014.