TELUS brings a new experience to CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada playoffs

I love my iPad. Whenever I’m home, it’s always within reach from the moment I wake up.

The biggest impact my iPad has had is when I watch TV; it’s become a part of the experience. Can’t remember the name of that actor? Google it! This leads to IMDB, then to celebrity gossip and onto Facebook with a new post – and I can still follow the plot/game/contest while doing so.

I’m not alone. According to Forrester, roughly half of all Canadians are online while watching a TV show. Of those who at least occasionally use a second screen device like an iPad or smartphone, about 38% discuss the TV show they are watching.

Heck, even my dad — who is in his 70s — is doing it.

With this in mind, TV broadcasters and producers are developing integrated “Second Screen” content to capitalize on this experience.

One of the newest and (in my humble opinion) most exciting examples of this integration is the TELUS Breakaway Cam. In partnership with CBC, TELUS will provide Canadians with a new viewing experience during the hockey playoffs.

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Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) games are practically an institution in Canadian households. Starting Saturday May 4th, for key games that follow during the next 4 weeks, TELUS and CBC have worked to augment the playoff broadcasts by adding a second screen element.

How? HNIC usually has 4 cameramen cover the game. For the playoffs, a 5th cameraman will be added to cover an isolated portion of the game such as a key playmaker, a team bench, a passionate coach or crazed fan. Whatever the fifth cameraman follows will be streamed live through the HNIC app on their smartphone or tablet as the TELUS Breakaway Cam.

The best part: hockey fans get the opportunity to choose what the TELUS Breakaway Cam follows by voting at CBCSports.ca:

  • Voting has already started for the first period of the Toronto/Boston game tonight
  • During the first period, viewers can vote for what the TELUS Breakaway Cam follows in the second period
  • In the second period, viewers can vote for what the camera follows in the third period

This combination of a TV broadcast with second-screen content featuring a voter-controlled camera is a first in Canada. It’s also a perfect fit for TELUS. We’re on a journey to create memorable, meaningful connections with our customers. What could be more meaningful to Canadians than a deeper level of involvement with our beloved national sport?

Download the HNIC Second Screen app today to check it out!