TELUS Picks: 6 Apps for successful students

Attention students! We know you’re kicking it into high gear with upcoming deadlines and exams just around the corner, and we wanted to help you out. We’ve gathered a few handy smartphone and tablet apps that can help keep you focused and organized during these crazy times.

We think these six apps will get you into study mode and focused on your “A” game:


If you’re like me, you jump between devices all the time. Push bullet makes sharing documents and notifications between your gadgets a breeze.

Key features:

  • Send links, files and documents seamlessly between your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Easily share links, files and documents with your study partners from any device
  • Push smartphone notifications to your computer to avoid pulling out your phone during study sessions

Google Play / iTunes App store


Are your note-taking and research skills getting a failing grade? With Evernote, they don’t have to. Evernote is designed keep you organized so you can filter through and find your notes and research documents easily come exam prep time.

Key features:

  • Capture images, web clippings, handwritten and typed notes
  • Notes, images and web clippings are all stored via cloud storage and are automatically shared with other devices logged into your account.
  • Powerful search tool allows you to filter through your images, typed and handwritten notes

Google Play / iTunes App store


Don’t pack it up until you back it up.

We all know that your Professor isn’t going to go for the “my dog ate my paper” excuse.  So if physical storage isn’t an option, make sure you keep your important docs safe on one of these cloud storage options.

Key features:

  • All of these apps include free and paid options
  • All of them can be automatically synced across all of your devices
  • Easily share larger files with your peers or group members. Collaboration tools are even built in some cases (i.e. Google Drive + Google Docs)

DropBox – Google Play / iTunes App store

Box – Google Play / iTunes App store

OneDrive – Google Play / iTunes App store

Google Drive – Google Play / iTunes App store


Organizing your time is the best way to minimize your stress. Studious is the ultimate time management tool, combining a student lifestyle-focused calendar and to-do list.

Key features:

  • To-do list includes reminders for when assignments are due
  • Quick cross reference between class time table and task deadlines
  • Automatically silence your smartphone in class

Google Play / iTunes App store


No signal? No problem! Pocket allows you to save and organize web content to be viewed offline.

Key features:

  • Save articles, videos and digital content to be viewed later
  • View content offline
  • Filter and search through saved content easily

Google Play / iTunes App store


Whether you’re the class star or the class clown, we know that studying for a final exam can be a tough task. Save time and effort by using StudyBlue’s community-created flashcards and quizzes to help you study.  

Key features:

  • Keep your flashcards and progress wherever you go. Seamlessly transition between your computer smartphone and tablet
  • Study as a group. Work with classmates to create new flash cards, ask questions or lead discussions
  • Evaluate your progress and identify areas of improvement

Google Play / iTunes App store

Have a favourite study app? Did we miss one of your must-haves? Let us know in the comment section and be sure to share these great tips with your friends and peers.