@TELUSsupport awarded Excellence in Customer Satisfaction!

At Lithium’s annual LiNC (Lithium Network Conference), we connect our customers with industry thought leaders, digital pioneers, and social business experts in one place to network, learn and celebrate success with the annual Social Customer Excellence Awards. The “Lithys,” as we affectionately call them, have become a highlight of LiNC and also a phenomenal record of how companies are transforming the way they connect with customers. Check out the great brands that were recognized!

At this year’s LiNC’14, we were proud to present the Excellence in Customer Satisfaction award to TELUS. They were recognized because of their customer engagement, responsiveness and customer loyalty. We were particularly taken by TELUS’ customers first strategy and the spirit with which they approach building meaningful relationships with their customers.

Scotty Jackson (left) and Anthony Kronshage (second from right) accept the Lithy for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction on behalf of the TELUS team, presented by Lithium CMO Katy Keim, (second from left) and Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff (right)

TELUS works overtime to ensure customers get what they need thanks to its combined multi-channel social strategies on Twitter, Facebook and within the TELUS Neighbourhood. With such a quick response time on Twitter, it’s no surprise they’ve notched a Net Promoter Score (NPS) or, in TELUS terms, Likelihood to Recommend, of 77%.

We were impressed with how TELUS evolved its social operations from a small team, looking at Mobility in 2010, to the robust team it has today, listening for all manners of TELUS-related conversation. They’ve enabled communication and collaboration between operations, public relations/corporate communications and marketing: teams that you don’t often see working together in large corporations. This is really commendable, and led to the team engaging in more than 56,000 Twitter conversations, 6,300 Facebook conversations, and moderating more than 5,600 forum posts in the Neighbourhood last year.

Congratulations to the TELUS team, and we wish you continued social success!

Denise Jack, Director of Marketing for Lithium Technologies, where we help companies respond on social networks, keep pace with extreme customer expectations, and reinvent the way they connect with their customers.