Celebrating our 20,000 followers of @TELUSsupport

#MindBlowing – It’s been just over three years since our @TELUSSupport team was formed, with the goal of providing the same level of customer support on Twitter as we do through our more traditional channels.

On my first day monitoring our Twitter feed, I was so nervous about making a mistake that it took me almost an hour to respond to my first tweet. After writing and re-writing my reply a dozen or so times, and having my colleagues double and triple check it for spelling and grammatical errors, I finally hit send. It was a bit anticlimactic because the customer never replied. Gosh, how far we’ve come…

Well – Today we hit a significant milestone – 20,000 followers! What a fantastic roller coaster we’ve been on. 20000th-1

I reached out to some of my colleagues to ask them what they like most about working on this #Super #Awesome team. Their comments are below:

  • Eric Tremblay (@eric_tremblay1), one of our bilingual team members from Montreal, said “the thing i like most about working with this team is getting to #changelives by providing a positive and memorable customer experience.”
  • Omid (@dimox9), from our Burnaby campus said “”The thing I like most about working with this team is how we function as one dynamic family of #funloving #lifechanging #worldclass-service providing superstars, each one armed with their own #unique-style! :)”

To help celebrate our 20k milestone we’ll be choosing a few random, lucky followers to surprise with a TELUS critter pack or…. Drum roll…one special follower will score a Samsung Galaxy S4. For the next week, tweet us at @TELUSsupport your top experience with our team or add your comment below and who knows you could be the lucky winner.