The all-new HTC One – Learn what TELUS customers have to say #HTCOneUp

The all-new HTC One – Learn what TELUS customers have to say #HTCOneUp

I’ve been carrying a secret in my back pocket (literally) for a while and I’m so excited to finally let HTC_One2_MGy_FtBkVt_H_E_myou in on what that secret is – the all-new HTC One is landing at TELUS on April 10!  With a stylish design and upgraded features, the new HTC One is truly everything people raved about in the last model, only better. As a product specialist at TELUS, I’m bound to secrecy and have to keep device details under wraps until product announcements go live, but for this particular launch we wanted to let a few customers in on the all-new HTC One. Not just any customers – HTC super fans. We selected a few individuals who were at the front of the line to pre-order the first edition HTC One last April to take this device for a test drive and tell us about their favourite features to share with you, our readers.

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So without further ado, here are the top features of the all-new HTC One, straight from our TELUS HTC super fans!

#1 Screen Size

The screen is 5 inches which is larger than the previous model’s 4.7 inch screen. This upgrade in size was added to the length of the screen, not the width, so it still has a comfortable feel in the palm of your hand and can fit nicely in your pocket. – Darren, Medicine Hat, Alberta

#2 HTC BoomSoundTM

This is what sold me on the original HTC One – finally someone put stereo speakers on the front of the phone; so simple you would think everyone would do it. Sounds even better and yes, it’s louder than last year’s model too. I have a pile of unused portable speakers now that I just don’t need to use anymore.  – Vince, Medicine Hat, Alberta

#3 MicroSD Card Slot

While the standard 32 GB of storage that comes with the phone is good, the added feature of a MicroSD card slot is a definite improvement. Being able to add more movies and photos for long trips and not worrying about running out of space is a big plus. Kudos to HTC for listening to the customers and bringing this feature back! – Chris, Kelowna, British Columbia

#4 Motion LaunchTM

The Motion Launch feature provides an easy way to navigate to certain areas while your phone is in sleep mode. One of the most beneficial ones I found was to double tap the screen while in sleep mode to directly access the lock screen. Another helpful Motion Launch feature is to hold your phone sideways as to take a picture and click the volume button which will quickly launch the camera. – Darren, Medicine Hat, Alberta

#5 HTC Duo Camera

M8_Hires_CameraL2014Feb12I don’t think I can say enough about the camera! The new HTC One has two lenses on the back which gives the phone some measurements of depth to allow some nice new features. Additionally, HTC has added UltraPixel technology that uses larger sensors on the phone, which captures more light and takes better low light pictures. With my usage and experience I love the indoor photos this phone takes -great close up photos with excellent color and composition. – Vince, Medicine Hat, Alberta

#6 Battery Life

The power that this device has in unbelievable! The battery, when used correctly, has a huge capacity. I am having a real tough time draining the battery to be able to give it a full boost. There is also no lag when you do have multiple apps open. – Steve, Burlington, Ontario

#7 UFocusTM

cat picSnap a picture in standard mode and you can go back to it, change the focus point in your photo while blurring the rest of the photo. Makes for very cool pictures! This works much better than the filters on apps like Instagram. With the depth info it can adjust focus and add layers in the foreground or background and not just a circle around the chosen point. – Vince, Medicine Hat, Alberta

#8 HTC Transfer Tool

I was surprised at how easy it was to get up and running with my all-new HTC One. All I had to do was install the HTC Transfer Tool on my previous HTC One and it took care of setting up and transferring all the settings and content to the new HTC One. When I picked up my phone everything was set up just as before. All my photos, videos, contacts, and messages were transferred over waiting for me. My Wi-Fi networks, E-Mail accounts, short-cuts, and even my wallpapers were set up just like before. – Chris, Kelowna, British Columbia

#9 ZoeTM

I love the updated Zoe feature! With the new HTC One you hold the shutter button to choose how long you want the video to be and after three seconds it locks and keeps recording until you press stop. Taking your pictures this way allows you to alter photos, get well-timed snap shots, remove background objects, etc. There’s even a new Zoe app on the phone that links to the Google Play Store which allows you to combine Zoe shots and videos with friends. – Vince, Medicine Hat, Alberta

#10 HTC Sense TVTM

HTC Sense TV is probably my favorite built in app that HTC has to offer. It was so easy to set up and allows me to sync my favourite TV programs with my calendar and receive alerts. It is now the only remote that I use. It has all the features that you would need on a remote and you can always add the ones it doesn’t have in stock. – Steve, Burlington, Ontario

How cool does this device sound to you? The all-new HTC One is truly designed like no other phone inside and out. And at TELUS, we want to make it easy for our customers to get their hands on the latest and greatest devices so we’ve set up Anytime Upgrades. All you have to do is simply pay your device balance to replace or upgrade at any time during your service term.

Well, now that the secret’s out, let us know what you love about your new HTC One from TELUS? Share your comments below or with us on Twitter using the hashtag #HTCOneUp.