The Coolest Things We Saw at DX3 2015

Held in Toronto, Dx3 2015 brought together more than 4,000 leading professionals from across Canada to discuss emerging trends in digital marketing, retail and advertising.

With so many thought leaders and innovators sharing their cool concepts and technology, it wasn’t easy to select just four innovations that really blew our minds – but we have. Check out the top four cool things we saw at DX3:

Maker Bot 1426186291169

Over the last year, 3D printing has continued to emerge as a game-changer. The possibilities with this technology are only limited to our imagination.

There was no lack of imagination when we spoke to some of the MakeLab team, the minds behind the very impressive MakerBot series of 3D printers. MakeLab team talked about how their technology and outside-of-the-box thinking could create new and unique experiences for consumers, demonstrating examples of fossils, water guns and Thor’s hammer, all 3D printed onsite. And just to add a little personal touch, the team had a custom puzzle printed out, featuring our own TELUS logo, while we chatted!


The way we measure the impact of content is limited. Surveys and focus groups only offer a sliver of insight, as they review concepts as a whole and typically ask participants to provide their feedback after they’ve been exposed to content.

Brainwave is looking to change the way we measure interaction with content by using neuro-imagining technology to analyze impact in real time. The Dx3 demonstration set up by Brainsights was impressive to say the least. Attendees were fitted with headbands that measured attention, connection and encoding while they viewed a series of video clips. Attendees were able to instantly and easily determine which videos resonated best with viewers and which they most enjoyed watching.

Blippar 1426188812679

Today, smartphones and tablets are integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. They already keep us connected and informed but what if they could provide us with a new “perspective” on the things we see every day.

Blippar is looking to do just that with their augmented reality app that’s designed to make everyday household items a lot more interesting. They have already started working with a number of brands and the results are impressive. By using the app, you could point your phone/tablet at a box of Lucky Charms cereal and play a fun and informative game digitally overlaid on the box. Using the Blippar app with a bottle of popular detergent opened up a program that allows you to quickly search useful information about the product.

Our take is that augmented reality could definitely make trips to the grocery store a whole lot more useful – and fun.


“Saying thanks feels awesome. Hearing thanks feels awesome. But xocial isn’t just a fun way to spread awesomeness. It actually gives us the tools to measure the difference we’re making in the lives of others.” Xocial is an app that allows you to share and measure social change.

It allows you to recognize everyone from friends to the planet for their social efforts and send them a thank you. It looks to change our planet “one thank you at a time.”

Like we said, choosing our top four was hard; we couldn’t help but include these honourable mentions:


Giftagram is a mobile app that provides a beautiful and seamless experience from gift selection to final delivery. Find great gifts for every occasion and budget from an assortment of handpicked local services, products and experiences – and have it delivered right to anyone in your contact list. The app is secure, private, easy-to-use and takes cares of everything for you.

Twenty One Toys

Not everything at DX3 was digital. One example was Twenty One Toys, a Toronto based company that “designs and manufactures toys that teach empathy, failure, creative communication, collaboration and other core skills necessary for 21st Century learners, of any age.”

These innovative learning toys are designed for a diverse audience ranging from young school children to corporate executives and teach important life lessons. Featured in TIME Magazine, The Huffington Post and Fast Company, these toys are being positioned as the “new textbooks”.

To learn more about Twenty One Toys, follow their founder and lead designer, Ilana Ben-Ari, on Twitter.

Hopefully these innovative digital thinkers have helped you spark a few new ideas. Do you know of other great Canadian digital innovators that are worth mentioning? Be sure to share your feedback in the comments section.