The future is coming at the speed of light

Right now, TELUS is deploying the most advanced communications technology available in the world. We’re transforming our network to deliver next-generation services by extending our fibre optic network all the way to our customers’ homes and businesses, along with healthcare providers, schools and libraries.

We’re building the network of the future in communities across B.C., Alberta and Quebec, and we just announced a landmark $1 billion investment over the next six years to make Edmonton the first major urban centre in Western Canada to enjoy universal access to a next-generation fibre optic network.

What is the TELUS Fibre Optik Network?

Fibre optic technology takes our world-class network well into the future. The network is comprised of flexible, transparent fibres of glass slightly thicker than a strand of hair. These fibres transmit data as pulses of light, which allows massive amounts of information – or data – to be sent close to the speed of light. Fibre optic cable can carry high-bandwidth signals over enormous distances and provides the critical capacity to support our customers’ rapidly growing technology demands.Fibre

How fast is fibre?

A single optical fibre can carry multiple streams of information at the same time, which means it can handle high bandwidth demands with ease. In fact, one bundle of fibre not much thicker than a pencil can carry all of the world’s current communications traffic. Imagine downloading a full HD movie in mere seconds – that’s the speed of fibre. When we deploy fibre in a community, we can offer dramatically faster Internet speeds of up to 150 megabits per second – TELUS’ fastest residential speed available in Western Canada. In coming years, we expect to be able to offer families and businesses speeds of one gigabit per second or more. Imagine downloading a full-length HD movie in less than 30 seconds – that’s the speed of fibre.Fibre2

Since the capacity of fibre is nearly infinite, as network technology advances to enable faster speeds, fibre will allow us to continuously increase bandwidth to meet our customers exponentially increasing needs for broadband services. Fibre ultimately future proofs our network to ensure we have more than enough capacity to meet the growing demands for future generations.

How will fibre transform communities?

By bringing fibre directly to homes and businesses, we’re connecting Canadian communities like never before; fuelling economic growth, helping create the jobs of tomorrow, enabling world-class educational opportunities and advancing healthcare innovation for Canadians.

For families, this will pave the way for crystal clear video in Ultra HD (4K) streaming across multiple devices. It will also provide the bandwidth necessary to create smart homes enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) technology by connecting learning thermostats, smart security systems, intelligent appliances and more on a high-speed, high-capacity network.

Fibre will encourage businesses to stay locally while growing and competing globally; supporting Canada’s emerging digital economy. It will encourage home-based start-ups, help workers telecommute and make communities more attractive for investors and new business. A faster and more reliable network will make it easier for small and medium enterprises to adopt advanced cloud-based and IoT solutions to innovate and scale their business.

These networks will open the door for exciting new educational opportunities by enabling next-generation technology like digital textbooks, video conferencing and interactive whiteboards. It will transform healthcare systems through telehealth applications, remote patient monitoring and expanded access to electronic medical records.

All of these benefits will combine to create “smart cities” backed by a robust fibre-optic network that supports growth, innovation and the bandwidth demands of future technologies for decades to come.

We’re investing billions of dollars to build the network of the future because Canadians should expect more from their network – and their network provider. The TELUS Fibre Optic network is being designed to support the needs of our customers no matter what the future has in store – and it’s coming at the speed of light.

To learn more about the TELUS Fibre Optic Network please visit fibre.telus.com/experiencefibre.