The network of the future is coming to Vancouver

Imagine what will be possible when the Internet is connected at the speed of light.

Right now, TELUS is deploying our most advanced, lightning-fast broadband technology to communities across B.C., Alberta and Quebec. We’re building smart cities of the future by connecting homes, business, educational institutions and healthcare providers directly to our state-of-the art fibre optic network.

TELUS Fibre is among the most advanced communications infrastructure available in the world today, allowing dramatically faster Internet speeds and vastly more capacity than current network technologies.

When a city is connected to fibre, tremendous economic, educational and healthcare opportunities open up, allowing the community to tap into the world’s emerging digital economy. I am extremely proud that today, TELUS announced that we are investing $1 billion to bring fibre to our hometown of Vancouver, making it the world’s next gigabit enabled city. This generational investment by TELUS will put Vancouver at the technological forefront of cities around the globe.

In the home

For households, fibre will pave the way for crystal clear video in Ultra HD (4K) streaming across multiple screens, while at the same time powering smart-home devices like learning thermostats, biometric security systems, intelligent appliances and other innovations that promise to transform our homes and enrich our lives.

Supporting Vancouver’s business community

A fibre-optic network will boost Vancouver’s economy by encouraging investment and helping businesses thrive in the growing technology sector. It will encourage home-based start-ups, help workers telecommute and make our city more attractive for new business ventures. A faster and more reliable network will also make it easier for small and medium enterprises to scale and compete globally by capitalizing on cutting-edge cloud and Internet of Things solutions.

Driving innovative healthcare and education

This network will give our educational institutions access to the most advanced teaching tools in the world by providing our students access to next-generation technology like digital textbooks, video conferencing and interactive whiteboards. And it will transform our healthcare system through telehealth applications, reduce hospital congestion with remote patient monitoring and promote better health outcomes for Canadians by proliferating electronic medical records.

TELUS Fibre will put Vancouver on the map as a smart city powered by a robust fibre-optic network that supports growth, innovation and the city’s bandwidth demands today, tomorrow, and for decades to come.

Watch the video below to find out more about how TELUS Fibre will transform Vancouver in the years to come.