Three ways to reduce stress with your favourite tech

While a New Year can be a hopeful time that comes with a promise of change and new beginnings, it can also be a stressful time – especially as credit card bills start flowing in from the holidays and new projects with new deadlines begin. Don’t let stress get the best of you in 2017; turn to your tech for help. Below are three must-have apps to help you take control of your mental health.

Get a 24/7 wellness coach with thinkFull

There are many personalized tools available to remind you to be mindful and manage stress.

1Recently, TELUS launched an iOS based application called thinkFull that is built with your mental health in mind. This app provides personalized mental wellness coaching that helps you understand your stress levels and work toward a healthier life.

With a little assistance from thinkFull, you’ll soon be able to:

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The thinkFull app was a result of our unique Social Enterprise challenge. More than 150 team members spanning across 50 business units participated in the competition, which challenged them to develop a product or service that would improve the health and lives of Canadians. The winning idea, chosen from more than 30 proposals, was thinkFull, which was then developed in collaboration with a number of volunteers, youth partners and professionals including: Dr. Stan Kutcher, CMHA BC, Here to Help BC, mindyourmind, MJB Technologies, Dr. Chris Williams and Kelty Resource Centre.

We encourage you to become part of this journey and #bethinkFull. Try the app, share your feedback  and tell your friends about it!

Healthier days are on the way with Buddhify

If you’re looking for a reason to try out meditation, consider this. Science has proven that chronic stress wears away at the very ends of our DNA, in turn putting us at risk of killer diseases and shorter than expected lifespans. Fortunately, we can cope by putting our mental health first and practicing mindfulness. With a little help, we can learn live in the present and steer clear of negative thoughts.

4With apps like Buddhify, you don’t need to reach far for support and advice. The app’s friendly interface guides modern technology users in meditation practices that fit their modern life.

With a little help from your smartphone, you can soak up some serious benefits of practicing mindfulness, including: reduced psychological stress, increased well-being, enhanced task relevant focus and improved overall health.

Practice the power of positive thinking with Happify

When you clear your mind of all the negative thoughts that can come rushing in during times of stress, you open the door to more positive, empowering and motivating thinking. For years, athletes have used creative visualization to focus positively on their athletic task at hand – often resulting in high performance results.

5Happify is perhaps the most popular positive vibes app available today. This free iOS app will train you to think positively and feel happy by helping you set and achieve goals such as improving your confidence or seeing new possibilities. If you dedicate a few minutes each day to Happify’s archive of games and activities, you should ultimately get into the habit of thinking positively.


We rely on our smartphones for so much, so why not use them to help improve our mental health too? Thanks to wellness apps like thinkFull, Buddhify and Happify, we are all empowered to lead healthier lives. Share your favourite apps, tips, and tricks in the comment section above.