We’re improving … but we’re not there yet

Five years ago, we decided to make improving customer experience our company’s number-one priority. Since then, we’ve been diligently focused on listening to our customers, learning from our mistakes and putting customers at the heart of everything we do. From eliminating pain points like activation fees and costly device unlocking, to the introduction customer-friendly initiatives like TELUS Learning Centres or our device trade-in program, we’ve been taking action on our customers’ feedback and making big changes to how we do business.

A relentless focus on customer service is a passion that has permeated our entire organization, so it’s extremely gratifying when we see our efforts paying off. Today, the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) released its first-ever mid-year report, and showed once again that TELUS is leading the way on customer experience.

Despite being one of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing telecom companies, we account for only 4.4% of the total complaints received by the CCTS and have the lowest number of complaints of any national provider in Canada, including their smaller affiliate brands and a new entrant with a small fraction of our customer base. In fact, complaints against TELUS have dropped so significantly that we weren’t even included in the CCTS’ list of the top-five brands with the most complaints.

According to the CCTS, only 243 were filed against TELUS, representing a 46% decrease from the same period last year and continuing our winning streak of consistent improvement since 2011. The CCTS also reported an increase in violations of the Wireless Code, however of the 328 received, only two were attributable to TELUS.

CCTS_mid-year_blog_ENSince we began this journey, we’ve seen a 65% decrease in complaints against TELUS. Looking at complaints per month, TELUS is not only distinguished by our small share of total complaints, but also by the consistent period over period improvement since 2011.


We’re extremely proud of these results, but we’re not celebrating just yet. There are still 243 customers that are telling us that we can do better, and we will. We’re not going to rest until complaints against TELUS reach zero. That may sound unattainable, but as our consistent improvement demonstrates, we are passionate about constantly improving until we deliver an unmatched customer experience at every customer interaction, every time.

With total complaints down only 4% year over year, there is clearly more that Canada’s telecoms must do to improve customer experience – Canadians should rightfully expect more from their providers. That’s why we’re obsessed with proving to our customers and Canadians through our technology investments and our customer-focused team that our industry can be friendly, not frustrating. We’re not perfect but we’re working on it every day.

As I highlighted earlier, we are committed to listening to our customers. If you’ve have any feedback or ideas on how we can continue to raise the bar on our customer service, please head on over to the TELUS Neighbourhood and let us know.

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