We’re So Proud of YOU

Hers were tears of joy. blog - cfc

Mine were tears of pride.

We recently honoured 160 frontline team members — our Customers First Champions — at a swanky evening gala in downtown Vancouver. Team members (and someone they invited to join them) were feted for their outstanding contributions and service to those that matter most to us at TELUS … our customers.

I had the good fortune of sitting at table 34. LeTasha Smith — a loyalty and retention specialist in Ontario — sat to my right as one of our champions. Our soon-to-be Chief Executive Officer, Joe Natale, kicked off the evening with a brilliant and inspirational speech that spoke directly to team members like LeTasha. Joe referenced the creativity, bravery, courage and selflessness that these award winners demonstrate each and every day. He wove countless stories and examples into his talk and it was during one of the stories when I glanced over at LeTasha.

There, ever so elegantly, a tear had formed in her eye followed quickly by a few more.

I thought to myself, “From caring comes courage,” as Lao Tzu once wrote.

And of course I then began to tear up.

I thought of LeTasha and Debbie and Derek and others in the room who care so much about our customers. I thought of their conviction and commitment to do whatever it takes to fix a problem or solve an issue. I thought of their creativity and collaboration skills to implement solutions and services.

I thought of their courage.

I thought of how much they truly care.

I thought of Yenne Cam — another champion and a sales account support representative — who said to me at the Gala that, “Culture is our secret sauce. We’re allowed to think outside the box, embrace new approaches and do whatever it takes to support the customer.” I didn’t even have to pay her to say that.

I thought of field technician Jees Joseph who mentioned to me, “I’m always worrying about what the customer is feeling, what he or she is thinking.” With a smile on his face, Jees continued, “I just want our customers to be happy with TELUS.” He was so happy himself, Jees brought his mom to the Gala so she could witness first hand how proud he was of his Customers First accomplishments. I can assure you after speaking with Darly, Jees’ mom, she too is a very happy customer. (And a proud mom to boot.)

I thought of our entire team and how overjoyed we all are of their tenacity and attitude to do whatever possible to serve and treat customers with respect and responsiveness.

I thought I was so lucky to call these people my peer.

LeTasha, Yenne, Jees and the thousands more that demonstrate class in action with our customers, “We’re So Proud of YOU!”