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Why your ideas about the CRTC’s wireless code will make us better.

This week, TELUS filed its formal comments in the CRTC’s Proceeding to establish a mandatory code for mobile wireless services. We have been longstanding supporters of developing a national wireless code of conduct because we believe that Canadians from coast to coast will benefit from having the same standards across a range of common issues. In fact, TELUS suggested the idea to the CRTC earlier this year.

We look forward to this public consultation because it provides another opportunity to hear from our customers and to keep getting better. We hope any Canadian with an interest in the code takes the time to join us in submitting their comments and participate in the conversation about this important development.

We know we’re not perfect at TELUS, but we’ve been working very hard over the last few years to listen to our customers – and respond. Based on our customer feedback, we completely re-wrote our service agreements – the fine print – in plain language. We introduced Clear and Simple plans, the first in Canada offering a simple all-in price with no system access fee. In just the last few months, we eliminated activation charges and lowered data overage rates.

“It’s an ongoing company-wide effort to put our Customers First in everything we do. You can read more about the changes we’ve made here.” (PDF)

We know we’re making progress because the telecommunications industry ombudsman, the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS), recently released its 2011-2012 Annual Report, which showed that it received 13 per cent fewer complaints about TELUS last year, in a year when overall complaints about our industry went up 35 per cent. We’re glad to see progress, but we know there’s more to be done if we want to bring those complaints even lower.

We’ll be listening throughout the CRTC’s process to learn more about how we can improve further.

The first public consultation period ended on December 4th, but will re-open on January 28th to obtain public comments when the CRTC releases its draft code just before the full hearing.  In the meantime, if you’d like to let TELUS know what you think of our service or any ideas you may have, please share your comment below.