Safer Internet Day 2013

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day, but TELUS’ commitment to online safety continues all year ‘round.SID

We’re proud to be a long-time supporter of two key Canadian organizations dedicated to Internet safety, and recently launched an innovative program to get helpful information on the subject into the hands of our customers.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

TELUS was one of the founding funders of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and has supported its Cybertip.ca and Cleanfeed Canada programs from the beginning. Cybertip.ca is Canada’s tipline to report the online sexual exploitation of children, while Cleanfeed is a filter designed to limit inadvertent access to known, foreign-hosted child pornography online.

The Centre has developed a number of innovative programs, including Kids in the Know, a national interactive safety education program aimed at increasing the personal safety of children and reducing their risk of victimization online and in the real world. Through a partnership with the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) (of which TELUS is a member), the Centre developed textED.ca to help educate Canadian students in grade 7 and higher about how to use technology respectfully and to know what to do when someone crosses the line.


TELUS is also a long-time supporter of MediaSmarts (formerly Media Awareness Network), Canada’s not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing digital and media literacy. MediaSmarts’ vision is that children and youth have the critical thinking skills to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens. I am proud to serve as their board chair. MediaSmarts’ website provides a wide range of resources on digital issues of concern, including a number of helpful tip sheets.


We are very excited to be rolling our own program to enhance Internet safety. TELUS WISE (Wise Internet and Smartphone Education) is an industry-leading educational program on Internet and Smartphone safety that is currently offered to our business customers for the benefit of their employees and their families.


TELUS WISE offers best-in-class training for parents and anyone wanting to learn how to keep children and teens safe when using the Internet as well as a variety of tips and tools on Internet and Smartphone safety and security.   TELUS WISE content has been developed in partnership with MediaSmarts and other industry experts, addressing a critical need for timely, informative and relevant information, given the steady growth of smartphone adoption and Internet use, particularly with children and teens. As an organization, we’re always looking for ways to help families keep themselves safe from online criminal activity such as financial fraud and child predators; the very reason we developed this important educational program.

The TELUS WISE program includes two key elements

  • In-person seminars – these interactive seminars are one hour in length and led by certified TELUS team members at your office location(s) across Canada. The sessions focus on educating your employees on Internet and Smartphone safety.
  • WISE virtual community – this web site offers a wealth of training, tips and tools on Internet and Smartphone safety and security and best-in-class training for parents and anyone wanting to learn how to keep children and teens safe when using the Internet.  Access to this virtual community will also be made available to your employees for ongoing Internet and Smartphone education.

There is no cost for TELUS business customers or their employees to participate in TELUS WISE.  In support of our commitment to put our customers first, through this program we can assist our business customers in protecting what is most valuable – their employees and their families.

For more information about TELUS WISE, click here.

For more information about child safety at TELUS, click here.