Waiting for 700 MHz

We were happy to see Industry Minister Christian Paradis suggest recently that the rules for the 700 MHz spectrum auction will be issued soon and that the auction will commence in 2013.

TELUS welcomes the release of those rules so that the auction can take place and providers like TELUS can acquire this much-needed spectrum to continue to build world-leading networks for Canadians.

TELUS’ story is one of vigorous competition, innovation and billions of dollars of investment in order to become a national player in the wireless market. We have an enviable track record of deploying state-of-the-art, world-class wireless networks across Canada.

We need access to spectrum in order to continue developing our networks including into rural communities across Canada.  We offer our HSPA + service to 97% of the Canadian population and with suitable amounts of 700 MHz spectrum we will be able to do that again with LTE.

I have attached a chart that shows our spectrum position compared to our major national competitors. It clearly demonstrates how we have managed to grow TELUS into a national competitor through acquisitions and good business execution.  It also shows that we serve roughly the same number of customers as our major competitors with significantly less spectrum available.  This means we are more spectrally efficient than our competitors based on customers served versus spectrum available.

TELUS Spectrum Depth









I believe our track record of increasing competition and coverage speaks for itself.  We remain committed to building out our networks in rural Canada, and would welcome stringent and specific build-out requirements for companies that acquire spectrum in the upcoming auction, thus ensuring this public asset is put to good use. We encourage the Minister to release the rules and thus foster continued competition and growth in Canada’s telecom industry.