5 Ways to Combat Inactivity in the Workplace

Now more than ever, sitting has become a fundamental part of our work day. In fact, many of us don’t even realize how inactive we’ve become. A typical day includes a seated commute to and from the office, followed by a day of sitting at our desk staring at our computer and smartphone screens. If we’re lucky, we’ll walk to a few meetings throughout the day – where we’ll sit some more!

While we don’t want to sound dramatic, sitting too much is literally killing us. In fact, inactivity is responsible for nearly as many deaths as smoking – 5 million deaths per year versus 5.3 million. To avoid being a statistic, here are 5 things you can do to stay active each and every work day:

  1. Talk and Walk:
    We know you’re on a lot of business calls, so take advantage of your time on the phone and spend it moving. Aim to be standing three of every four minutes of your call. This will prevent your office chair (no matter how comfy or ergonomic) from stealing precious time from your life.
  2. Take a Lunchtime Stroll:
    Even if you exercise regularly after work, sitting for prolonged periods of time increases your risk of premature death. In fact, adults who sat for 11 hours or more a day had a 40 per cent increased risk of dying in the next three years compared to those who sat for less than four. Keep a pair of runners in your desk drawer and move at every opportunity – including lunch time!
  1. Skip the Elevator:
    Being too sedentary increases your risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, kidney stones and various cancers. It may also cause mood disorders, like depression, which have been linked to inactivity. Is that enough motivation to skip the lift and conquer the staircase?
  1. Get Active on your Commute:
    Your brain needs exercise to keep in shape, just like your body. Try hopping on a bike for your journey to and from work to improve your cognitive function. Want to know more? Watch these one-minute videos on The Brain and Exercise – may we suggest watching the videos while standing up and stretching at your desk?
  1. Set Daily Step Goals:
    Prolonged sitting can trigger unhealthy metabolic changes that can lead to chronic illness. So, grab yourself some wearable tech and start keeping track of your daily steps. In an ideal world, you should be getting close to 10,000 steps per day. With the help of great apps and devices we know you’ll step up to the challenge!

How else do you get up and moving more at work? We’d love to hear your suggestions; please comment above!