The Sandbox Project

Canada is such a wonderful place, and I’ve always felt lucky to have been born and raised here. So it’s a little surreal to hear that in recent statistics, out of 29 OECD countries Canada ranks 27th in childhood obesity (meaning there are only two countries, proportionally, with more obese children).

Last week, on Sparks Street, near Parliament Hill, I had the opportunity to participate in a sandcastle building competition in support of The Sandbox Project.  The Sandbox Project’s vision is to make Canada the healthiest place in the world for children and youth to grow up. Lots of politicians, TELUS team members, and other organizations were out on Sparks Street working with local school children building some terrific sandcastles in what was declared to be the largest sandbox in the world!! Check out the event video.


Politicians of almost every stripe came together to rally behind what has, incredibly, become a pressing cause in Canada: improving the health and safety of Canadian kids.

I was proud to participate in the event alongside my TELUS colleagues. I know TELUS is passionate about making the future better for kids – that’s why we support causes like The Sandbox Project and 60 Minute Kids’ Club, a program that makes it fun to get active and eat well each day. Because, when you really stop and think about it, the news is constantly full of stories and statistics around childhood obesity, our sedentary lifestyles, diabetes as well as mental health and addiction issues leading to youth homelessness and crime.


Our daily lives are now built around conveniences like fast foods, elevators, car commutes, and screens of varying sizes and shapes. Clearly, it will take both individual resolve and collective will to change what has led us to this point.


I applaud the work of non-profit groups like The Sandbox Project and the 60 Minute Kids’ Club who are stepping up to create a change and positively impact systemic problems that affect the health and safety of our children.

The sandcastle competition was a great way to raise awareness for the issues while being active and having fun!

It was a bonus that the TELUS Team’s sandcastle – A Race Track for Ant — took home 2nd place, thanks to the creativity of some great kids!

You can join in the conversation on childhood obesity and find out more about these great programs at @TheSandboxProje or @60MKC.

Lorrie Sweet is a TELUS Team Member